CBZ vs Kindle Unlimited

Question for Arkhaven fans: We are giving serious thought to taking the comics out of Kindle Unlimited in order to offer higher-resolution digital editions in CBZ format. The files would be about 20 megs apiece and would cost the same $2.99 as the Kindle editions. Despite the files going to the backers free, we still sell literally hundreds of copies of each Kindle edition, not including the KU downloads.

But due to the way Amazon pays virtually nothing for a KU edition, one CBZ sale would be the equivalent to 22 KU sales. Also, since it appears that Amazon has begun playing algorithm games with our books in order to reduce the visibility of our Kindle editions, there is no material benefit to our being on KU anymore.

The resolution would be 3150 x 2100 vs 1280 x 800. Please share your opinions.