Cruel fate, coincidence, or conspiracy?

Well, what ARE the odds?

In a cruel twist of fate, dozens of people who survived the Las Vegas shooting were inside the Borderline bar when Long opened fire.

‘It’s the second time in about a year and a month that this has happened,’ Nick Champion told OnSceneTV. ‘I was in the Las Vegas Route 91 mass shooting, as well as probably 50 or 60 others who were in the building at the same time as me tonight.’

Champion and his friends were inside country music bar Borderline Bar and Grill for student night Wednesday, when ex-marine Ian Long, 29, stormed in, shooting dead 11 before turning the gun on himself. He and other Las Vegas survivors considered Borderline a ‘place of healing’ and gathered at the same bar for a memorial on a student night earlier this year.

It could just be a coincidence. Of course, both Q and Fox Mulder have repeatedly informed us that there are no coincidences. Perhaps this is a matter for the Winchester brothers and there is a country-music hating demon haunting the music venues of the West.