This is why you just ignore them

I don’t bother arguing with women and gammas anymore, mostly because I have noticed that the participation of a second party is really not required for them to engage in a lengthy debate. All that is necessary is for them to notice something that triggers their emotions. This is the hilarious, but very informative response of one woman to the recent Voxiversity video.

FSP: I’m at the 12:54 mark and I have to kind of laugh (I mean I don’t mean to be mean & all) but YOU (I think you’re a man) but you’re talking about what a woman wants?  (oh, this is rich… I’m going to keep watching).  “Write her poems”?  Did you just say that?   It’s not that a man hasn’t written me a poem, but that’s what… this would take too long to explain to you. LOL

Now… would an “Omga” also produce a podcast (like this one)?  I’M JUST ASKING…  Now, you also said “do not put an attractive woman with an Alpha man” as of course, she can’t control herself she’s just gonna have to jump his bones!?   HA HA HA HA… shhhh okay I’ll be quiet & listen some more.  

You have put men in only 5 social standings.  They don’t grow or change, life situations don’t kind of play a part in changes in his life?  So, to you, a man that has 2 or more of these qualities is… either non-existent or what… an oddball?

Do you want my take on this?  You really don’t know people very deeply do you?  And, you don’t like people very much do you?  Just guessing.

VD:  “Do you want my take on this?” Not even a little bit.

DAVE: Ha-ha-ha, Vox so cruel. But I think this is a woman, right? Only another woman knows what a woman wants, right? Shouldn’t we ask for pics to verify her familiarity with Alpha men? I’m not really seeing any other evidence that leads me to believe she has any experience here.

FSP: Dear Dave, you think Voxster is “cruel”?  “Are you serious?  His response comes nowhere NEAR “cruel”.   It was a matter of fact for him (and totally predictable).  As for my experience with your so-called “Alpha” men.  You want a resume?  I think it would blow you away.  Pretty gets me in the door, but (as my sister calls me) tenaciousness can bring you to your knees.

No, I don’t use it much unless I have to.  Which is very seldom.  An “alpha” man as you like to believe in needs a good spanking from time to time.  AND those are the ones I do not like.  You see this guy Vox?  He’d LOVE a good spanking.  That’s how much of an “alpha” he is LOL, but you’d have to know men, as well as I do to understand that at all.  They talk a good game but honey… well, let’s just say their bark is worse than their bite.

My husband and my son are true “Alphas” however, they know when to use it and when it is very unwise to use it, especially in business and dealing with others.  Oh, and my daughter, well let’s just say she’s as sweet as pie until she’s not.  Yes, dear, we taught them early.

FSP: Of COURSE, you don’t want anyone’s “take” on anything. You’re terrified of any actual input that would correct your obvious errors.  I could be so cruel here, I feel like being cruel actually because I detest bullies and philistines such as yourself.

Your smug arrogance gave you away long ago.  Only lowbrow people of suspect character act the way you do.  Your “holier than thou” attitude smacks of lack of true character or empathy for your fellow man.  Your distaste for women is palpable, only overdone by your thinly veiled euphemisms towards men.

I bet children and puppies recoil at any wayward glance you would dully turn their way.  You want so desperately to be respected as some kind of know it all.  Instead, you are an aging bald man sitting in an old chair recovered in the cheapest of red velvet, surrounded by books you either haven’t read or God forbid speak of the darker side of mankind.

So, you would ask me (I’m so sure of your limited thought process)… why then do you bother to write or listen?  Reason 1: I like to listen to people I disagree with because we can learn from them.  Reason 2: Because sometimes people just have to tell an ass hat, when they ARE an ass hat.  You, sir, are an ass hat.

and no, I won’t be listening anymore you’re what is commonly called a total waste of time.

What I found chiefly noteworthy was the way the woman’s response is eerily similar to the way that an angry gamma responds when triggered, right down to the false avowal of disengagement. Whoever described the gamma as a female mindset in a male body definitely had it right.

I do wonder, however, what it was that happened to trigger her so.