Smiling in defeat

In fairness, losing graciously is exactly what a good Republican is supposed to do:

Are you disgusted like I am that Martha McSally capitulated — smiling on her couch with her dog, conceding the election to a lying, cheating code-pink pinko who deceived the voters into thinking she was a moderate when, in fact, she is about as far to the left as Medea Benjamin?  McSally not only let down supporters who stuffed envelopes, volunteered for and made contributions to her during the campaign, but people like me who made a last minute tiny donation to help her fight the recount only to see that money swirl down the toilet two days later when she gave up the recount fight she didn’t even fight.

Meanwhile, we have rabid leftists in Florida and Georgia trying to wrest Republican victories from the jaws of defeat in their own technicolor moment.

Well, color me red — and not for conservatism and the GOP, but for seething anger.

I’d actually prefer to see a Democrat in the Senate than a Never-Trumper like McSally. This election was lost at the primary stage.