Mailvox: the truth is winning

Readers are using the bestselling Jordanetics to deprogram the lobster cultists:

Just wanted to say thanks for your work on Jordanetics. I loved the book and hope to convince my lobster cultist [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] to read it before the end of the year. I think they are a bit afraid to. My [REDACTED] is pretty ashamed that he was a big Sam Harris fan before I pushed him to reconsider.

I spoke to [REDACTED] and was surprised to hear her reaction to Milo’s forward. Like so many others, she claimed it came off as envious and unpersuasive. She said it sounded like the bitter response of someone who didn’t know how to walk the line of acceptable discourse attacking someone who does. Myself and another friend (who likes Peterson) asked her how that explains Peterson objective, documented betrayal of Milo. If Peterson is merely trying to walk that fine line, does that justify lying to his audience and his “friends”?

Ha, well, as I was writing this [REDACTED] texted me saying she was wrong about Peterson. She just read your bit about his involvement with UN and said “fuck that guy.” You made a very strong case, and it’s clearly getting through.

The reader is, of course, very welcome. I’m pleased to see how effective the one-two combination of Milo’s very personal Foreword followed by my dispassionate approach has succeeded in penetrating the meandering fog of meaning with which Jordan Peterson hides his true objectives and philosophy. I’m even more encouraged to hear that Peterson fans are nervous about reading the book, as that indicates they are already beginning to have their doubts about him.

An erstwhile gung-ho Peterson fan posts an important review:

As a former Jordan Peterson fan myself, I initially dismissed many people’s criticisms of the man, Vox Day included. I didn’t think JBP was the savior of mankind or even remotely Christian…just a man who stood up to SJWs and the thought police and wanted to help young wayward millennials.

However after really listening to VD’s arguments and looking into JBP’s content in his books, I cannot in good conscience, especially as a Christian, support Peterson anymore. This book is extremely thorough and meticulous in going through each and every rule in his 12-rule set and shows the bait-and-switch for each one—with each rule building up JBP’s philosophy that can be correctly identified as anti-Christian along the lines of Aleister Crowley and WB Yeats.

This isn’t about jealousy, envy, unfounded hatred, etc. about the man. There is a lot about Peterson himself that is more to be pitied than yearned for.

I urge everyone, especially those who were gung-ho about the Lobster Man like I was, to put aside the strong proclivity to protect him for just a second and read this book. It makes a very strong case that JBP isn’t just a charlatan talking about the psychological landscape, but rather a a sort of gnostic spiritualist talking about creating a religion as the successor to Christianity with him as the self-appointed prophet.

You simply cannot rely upon a deceiver to tell you the truth. And Jordan Peterson, first and foremost, is a shameless deceiver. The great thing about the publication of Jordanetics is that the genie is now out of the bottle and on the hunt. The Lobster Pope may have his tour, his ecstatic fan base, the media, CAA, the United Nations, and the Trilateral Commission all supporting him, but he is now in a race with the inexorable truth. It will run him down, sooner or later, and he knows it.

UPDATE: Soon….