2020’s sacrificial lamb

Democrats are modifying the order of their state primaries in order to serve up Kamala Harris to the God-Emperor in 2020:

The nation’s most populous liberal state has moved its presidential nominating contest to early in the 2020 calendar, a shift its leaders hope will give it maximum impact on the selection of a Democratic nominee and push candidates to address progressive issues such as climate change.

Selling white Democrat disenfranchisement as a way to “address progressive issues such as climate change” that only white Democrats care about is a nice touch.

With Deval Patrick out and Cory Booker too weird to pose a real threat, Kamala’s biggest obstacle in winning the nomination is a structural one. At 86{1e4fb04660a0d5c7eb0b5578ca8a14dd083925bced8a27d4ec023ed63b264fe5} and 91{1e4fb04660a0d5c7eb0b5578ca8a14dd083925bced8a27d4ec023ed63b264fe5}, Iowa and New Hampshire are far whiter than the country as a whole, at 61{1e4fb04660a0d5c7eb0b5578ca8a14dd083925bced8a27d4ec023ed63b264fe5}, is. Not since Bill Clinton in 1992 has the eventual Democrat nominee failed to win at least one of those first two states.

If Kamala wins either one, the nomination is almost certainly hers. Nevada and South Carolina will have non-white majorities among their Democrat primary-goers so she will easily win contests #3 and #4. With the huge California prize now part of Super Tuesday–as opposed to being an irrelevant afterthought as was the case in 2016–a day that already includes Texas, where non-whites will make up three-fourths Democrat primary-goers, it’s conceivable she will have effectively clinched the nomination by the first week of March.

The Democrats desperately want to run “a woman of color” for President, but they know perfectly well that doing so would be electoral suicide. So, they’ll run her in 2020, when they know no one is going to beat an ascendant Donald Trump who will have put the Mueller probe behind him by then. Trump will also be in good form in 2020, as he will likely be stimulated in a productive manner by the replacement of the back-stabbing of the Establishment Republican House with the open opposition of the Democratic House.

The serious candidates are Beto and Garcetti, both of whom will be given dry runs to prep them for 2024. I think Beto is more serious, as Jewish influence in the Democratic Party is clearly fading.