Addressing ethno-nationalism

Owen Benjamin is getting increasingly fed up with globalist critics who are attempting to discredit me and other nationalists with spurious charges of hate, racism, and other supposed evils:

Here’s the thing that Indians know that a lot of whites don’t: how the whites destroyed their nations. The way the liberals paint the picture is not reality. It’s not like: “the white people came in, they destroyed everyone and raped and killed everyone, and everyone had smallpox from blankets!”

No. What they did, they took their gods, they took their languages, they outbred them, they took everything that made them a nation. And now, as when someone recently said to me, “well, Vox doesn’t even look like an American Indian.” He’s a member of a tribe! That’s my whole point!

Those dudes get it. So when they say ethno-nationalist, they’re not saying “kick out black people.” Black people built America with white people and all kinds of people. It’s this new flood that is breeding out our nation. People that think there is Magic Dirt, that if you come to America, welcome, it’s great, it is the land of immigration and diversity is our strength, no! There is no Magic Dirt. Do you know who else believed in Magic Dirt? Adolf Hitler!

When Adolf Hitler invaded Russia with Barbarossa, they were such mystic, occult weirdos – that’s one of the reasons I hate associating with Nazis at all, although Ben Shapiro annoys me endlessly, I try not to attack him TOO much because I don’t want Nazis to think I’m one of their guys because they were all occult weirdos – they would ship dirt from Russia back to Germany because they thought there was something magical about the dirt. There’s nothing magical about the dirt!

A nation is its people. Its blood, its traditions, its heritage, all that stuff. That’s all 100 percent true. And I’m starting to get a little offended. I don’t get offended very easily, but people implying that I am motivated in any way by hate or racial purity. My grandmother is Jewish, I’m married to a woman whose father was a brown Mexican, one of my best friends and opener, Eric Nimmer, is black, and none of that was my plan. I wanted to keep it in the family. Obviously, I found love with a half-Prairie N-word, Nimmer’s the funniest, most loyal guy I know, and my grandmother happened to have sex with my grandfather.

But people that are trying to imply that me, or Vox, or one of these people are motivated by racial hate… it’s starting to get offensive. My son is one-quarter Hispanic? Do you think I hate my son? I’ll put you in the dirt! I’ll dig a hole, a deep hole, not a shallow one where people will find you, and I’ll kill you and put you in the hole if you keep talking that shit.

All Vox’s point is, and all American Indians get it, because that’s how they were destroyed by us palefaces. They bred them out of existence so you don’t even know what an American Indian looks like half the time, and they took their gods, they gave them alcohol, sugar, welfare, put them in a little area and said, “good luck”.

Does that sound familiar? They’re currently doing it to white Americans! Take these pills, watch this shit, watch this porn, take this free shit, have no God, have no tradition, have no family unit, broken, broken, broken.

My response is a little more etymological. All genuine nationalism is ethno-nationalism. Just look up the root of the word “natus”. Also, “white” is not a nation. Neither is “black” or “red” or even “Arab”. No attempt at transnational empires have ever survived, from Nasser to the European Union.

Civic nationalism is fake nationalism. It substitutes the state for the nation; it is literally a statist construction in the same way that Gross Domestic Product was substituted for Gross National Product in the 1990s. It’s all a form of globalism, and they’re now using the same “Sweden is a nation of immigrants” and “Britain is a nation of immigrants” rhetoric that they first introduced in the USA in order to adulterate it. But if all nations are just immigrants, there are no nations, and we know from the Bible precisely who it is that is seeking to destroy the nations.

And we also know that he will fail.

Speaking of etymology, I found one Vietnamese nickname for the USA to be of interest:

One of the Vietnamese names for the United States is Hiệp Chủng Quốc, Nation of Many Race

Or in other words, nation that is not a nation.