(whistles innocently)

I would like to assure everyone that these recent developments have absolutely nothing to do with a certain gathering that is known to have taken place in Spain.

Spain’s socialist government could be in trouble as a populist party is storming the polls in the country. The right-wing VOX party in Spain has been gaining strength and every poll they seem to rank higher. Yesterday it was revealed that VOX have reached an all-time record high in Metroscopia’s poll.

They are now at 11.5 per cent which would mean they could form a government if there was a vote today. The last election, they garnered 0.2 per cent.

That being said, the Nationalist Right is inevitable all across the West. That’s not rhetoric, although it would serve as effective rhetoric. It is, rather, a pure dialectical analysis. The nationalist trend that began in 2015 is the inevitable reaction to the 80-year trend towards globalism. At a bare minimum, the counterreaction will last until at least 2040, but it could continue until 2145 if, as I suspect, the trend has permanently reversed.