A triumph of clean speech

As a final act on SocialGalactic 1.0, I took a poll of its users to see what they thought of our new #cleanspeech policy. The results demonstrate very clearly why free speech is not a viable foundation for a new social media platform.

What do you think of SocialGalactic’s #cleanspeech policy? (400 votes)

  • 80.8{13f7cd41d75ad26df9f677947736378fee6e9e6bdea39ae580d95ac2edeca384}: YES! I prefer limited and clean speech.
  • 04.8{13f7cd41d75ad26df9f677947736378fee6e9e6bdea39ae580d95ac2edeca384}: NO! I prefer completely free speech.
  • 14.5{13f7cd41d75ad26df9f677947736378fee6e9e6bdea39ae580d95ac2edeca384}: I really don’t care either way.

In other words, more than 95 percent of potential early adopters either prefer the #cleanspeech model or don’t mind it. What most people care about is not free speech per se, but rather, being able to speak their opinion, and speak the truth, without being subjected to abuse, harassment, and an unending flow of vulgarity, obscenity, and degeneracy. I think we can build on that concept for SocialGalactic 2.0.