Another curve ball

This is hardly the first time one of our projects has taken an unanticipated curve, but even so, I’m sorry to have to inform everyone that SocialGalactic 1.0 has gone down for the count. By which I mean that we are permanently pulling the plug on this particular form of it. I’ll explain more in my Devstream tomorrow, but the long and the short of it is that the Infogalactic team has unanimously decided that our best course of action was to shut it down and return to our original Plan A of developing our own social media technology on our own servers.

While we appreciated the short cut that the possibility of working with Fediway offered us, after further discussions with them, we have mutually concluded that it is best for both organizations to go their separate ways.

Developing the necessary social media technology will, of course, take time, though probably not as much as you might imagine, so we will gladly refund everyone who supported the Burn Unit with the expectation of having Bronze, Silver, or Gold access to SocialGalactic. Please just email me with the relevant email address and I’ll take care of it. Speaking for the team, I sincerely apologize to all 2,500 of our users for the inconvenience involved, and we all very much appreciate the strong interest that the Infogalactic community has indicated in its own social media site.

That being said, we will NOT be doing any crowdfunding for SocialGalactic 2.0 for reasons that will be very obvious in 4-6 weeks.