Mailvox: May out by Monday

From the Brexit Insider:

Reports in this morning’s press are that there are several Brexiteer ministers on their way to Downing Street to tell Theresa May to get out. There was already suggestions a couple of days ago that Brexiteer MPs were prepared to abstain in a ‘no confidence’ vote in the House of Commons in order to bring down what is at least theoretically their own party’s government.

Under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act 2011, if the ‘no confidence’ vote was lost by the government, there would then be 2 weeks for the parties to attempt to form a government before a general election was mandated. In this time frame, they would defenestrate Theresa May and select a new leader.

The significant problems with this plan are:

1) No guarantee that Theresa May would not Cling-on like a limpet on Noah’s Ark to seek the survival of her Globalist ideology.

2) There wouldn’t be time for the Conservative Party to go through the process of consulting the members around the country on the leadership choice, and the parliamentary party are majority Remainers anyway, so the result could be another Remainer Prime Minister to continue the circus.

It looks to me as if No Deal is going to take place by default on March 29th, the various shenanigans by the EU, Her Majesty’s Government, and the British Parliament notwithstanding.

UPDATE: No Deal announced tonight?

The British political journalists that were on their way to Brussels on the Eurostar for tomorrow’s EU council meeting are apparently scrambling to get back to London for an announcement in Downing Street at 8pm GMT. Others are being told to cancel their dinner plans.

Note that this will be after the 1922 committee meeting of Conservative Party backbenchers that she has been politely invited (read: ordered) to attend. That probably starts at about 6pm, although last time it started at 5pm.

There are reports that Macron has refused any extension, although Juncker is prepared to allow up to 22 May, the day before the Euro parliament elections. The Elysée has however stated that, “No decision will be taken by France before the European council”. Hopefully French intransigence can save Britain from Theresa May’s dithering, and we can have a rousing chorus of La Marseillaise.

UPDATE: It looks like a General Election is going to be announced. The bookies have suspended betting on one.