AH:Q1 for backers

Yesterday we sent out 25 emails to backers who didn’t receive the initial mail blast, and have just sent out another 18 to additional backers who contacted us to inform us that they didn’t receive it. So, if you’ve emailed us about AH:Q1 in the last 24 hours, please check your email.

In other backer-related news, we expect to send the omnibus editions of ALT-HERO issues #1-6 out, featuring new covers by Cliff Cosmic and another artist, before the end of the month. We also expect to release the first digital edition of SWAN KNIGHT’S SAGA.

If you didn’t back AH:Q #1 WHERE WE GO ONE, please note that you can still pick it up at Amazon, where it is the #1 New Release in graphic novels, ahead of the new Superman and Batman comics.