Mailvox: Graduating Gamma extended

A gamma working to modify his patterns of behavior shares his thoughts on applying the Graduating Gamma series. I expect it may be helpful to others seeking to do the same.

I’ve been ironing out my Gamma tendencies and thought it might be helpful if I emailed in a small addendum to the Graduating Gamma series. I’ve noticed that a lot of Reprehensibles are also motivated to upgrade their behaviour and a few things have worked for me that might be of use to others on the same path.

I’m not a full-blown delusional Gamma but those that far gone won’t be reading this anyway. I’ve listed some of the concepts linked to the sources right here:

Recommended reading for Gammas seeking to graduate to Delta.

SJWs Always Double Down:

  • Know thy bad habits
  • Gammas are delusional cowards
  • Gammas are annoying
  • Gammas pretend to be above things they are not

No More Mr. Nice Guy by Robert Glover:

  • the need to play team sports
  • the need to develop male friends in order to stop desperately needing the approval of women
  • understanding the key role of toxic shame
  • understanding that controlling parents were often the cause of gamma

Essays on masculinity by Mike Cernovich

  • 8 traits of masculine men article

Jordanetics: 12 Real Rules for Life

  • The need to lift weights
  • The need to tell the truth in kindness
  • The need to do what’s right

Core concepts learned from the Darkstream:

  • The need to accept reality instead of raging against it
  • The need to accept that nobody cares about your feelings
  • The need to avoid mic drops that attempt to hurt feelings and establish yourself as the secret king
  • The need to learn to forgive yourself, others and more
  • Learn to embrace failure and to learn to love to fight
  • The need to pray for what you need usually:
    •        Courage
    •        To be able to endure negative emotions
    •        To forgive
    •        To accept

If this is helpful please feel free to share it with those looking to upgrade their lives.