A Shakespearean drama

A British Monarch watcher believes Prince William is now the power behind the throne:

Harry’s announcement of a glitzy TV series with Oprah Winfrey and Apple appears to have been enough to spur his brother William into action.

The heir to the throne seems to have spent a lifetime patching things up for his younger brother, but has finally run out of patience. (The role of Harry’s PR Sara Latham in spreading rumors about William’s marriage was probably a factor as well.)

It was William’s decision to send Harry and Meghan away, the Times of London story made clear, even though the person who probably should have been taking charge of the situation was his father, Prince Charles.

Charles has supposedly been running daily operations since his father Philip’s formal retirement in 2017, Philip having long been the power behind the throne for the Queen. But Charles has been making a hash of things, before, during, and after Harry and Meghan’s wedding. His mother doesn’t respect him, and neither do his sons. Charles seems to be a likeable old goat who is fun at a party, but he doesn’t have the spine or the occasional cruelty required for the big job.

If this Africa banishment is remembered a few decades from now, like the Duke and Duchess of Windsor’s exile to the Bahamas, it will probably be remembered as the time when William came into his own.

William appears to be a bit of a Shakespearean figure at the moment: he never wanted the job of King, having seen the pressures of royalty contribute to the death of his mother. Yet now he’s been forced to take it on to avoid further damage to the monarchy, pushing aside his father and sending his once-beloved brother away.

It’s a good start. Now do Brexit!