The sickness in science fiction

The evil that Moira Greyland describes in The Last Closet is neither unique nor is it anathema in the science fiction world. From a recent comment at the Castalia House blog.

My brother is a lesser known science fiction author and I can confirm all of this is true. Pedophilia is a serious problem in the community and no one is doing anything to stop it!

Sadly, I had to cut off ties with my brother because not only does he condone relationships with young boys, but he has had several young lovers in his time on the Sc i-Fi Con circuit. His ex-wife will not even allow him to see his own daughter. His behavior – which once again – IS CELEBRATED in the sci fi community has destroyed countless lives and families. Including mine.

The fact that we’re not paying attention to this does not mean that it is not happening anymore. To the contrary, the evil is now spreading slowly to a mainstream that is being gradually permeated with it.