The end of liberalism

Pat Buchanan explains why liberalism is dying now that it has set itself against nationalism:

Liberalism appears to be losing its appeal. A majority in the world’s largest democracy, India, consciously used their democratic right to vote — to advance sectarian and nationalist ends.

Why is liberalism fading away, and nationalism ascendant?

The former is an idea that appeals to the intellect; the latter, rooted in love of family, faith, tribe and nation, is of the heart. In its potency to motivate men, liberalism is to nationalism what near beer is to Bombay gin.

To be a proud Pole, Hungarian, Italian or Scotsman has a greater grip on men’s love, loyalty and allegiance than to be a citizen of Europe.

“Whoever speaks of Europe is wrong,” said Bismarck. Europe is but “a geographical expression.”

Identity politics, people identifying themselves by their ethnicity, nationality, race, culture and faith, appears to be the world’s future.

And good riddance too. Good riddance to liberalism, to conservatism, and to all the abstract ideologies that accomplish nothing more than to rationalize and imperialize evil. Nationalism, ideally Christian nationalism, is the optimal way forward for men of every nation.

Meanwhile, the liberal imperialists are attempting to criminalize love of one’s country… in the soldiery.