The savage president

The God-Emperor is such a ruthless rhetorical savage:

Prince Harry was noticeably absent from the State Banquet staged in honour of Donald Trump, in the wake of alleged comments made about his wife. The Duke of Sussex appeared less than keen to be pictured with the President – who reportedly branded Harry’s wife Meghan ‘nasty’ at the weekend after learning of comments she made about him while she was an actress.

Earlier in the day Harry had chaperoned Mr Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, into Buckingham Palace’s Picture Gallery for a display of US-themed artefacts.

But the Queen’s grandson quickly disappeared into the background and did not follow other members of the Royal Family as they walked round the exhibition with the American leader and his party.

The reason Prince Harry is so furious is that he knows perfectly well what President Trump means when he said that he didn’t know Megan Markle “was nasty”. He knows the President wasn’t referring to any name-calling, but rather, to his wife’s former profession that did not involve acting.

You’d think people would have learned to keep their mouths shut about President Trump by now. At least, people with secrets they don’t want distributed around the world by the media.