A charade of justice

Tommy Robinson is found guilty of contempt of court:

Tommy Robinson could be sent back to jail after he was again found in contempt of court today. Robinson was found to have broken the law by ‘aggressively confronting and filming’ defendants in a criminal trial and posting the footage on social media, in breach of a reporting ban, outside Leeds Crown Court in May 2018.

Following a long-running legal back-and-forth, the case was settled at the Old Bailey today, where a large crowd of Robinson’s fans turned nasty after the verdict.

As news of the judges’ ruling trickled through, a group of his supporters ran at barriers sectioning off police from the public, throwing missiles and chanting ‘shame on you’.

Robinson was previously jailed for the offence, but freed on appeal.

He’ll now have to wait to see whether he’ll be sent back to prison or be allowed to keep his freedom having already served two months of a 13-month sentence.

Today’s verdict means Robinson will return to prison if he is given a sentence of four months or more when he returns to court later this month. Anything less than that and he will have already served half the custodial period.

This strikes me as more gatekeeping kabuki than anything else. Tommy Robinson is clearly not a genuine nationalist or someone I would consider it meaningful to support. He’s very nearly as neoclownish as Jordan Peterson.