Bounding Into Comics covers our recent announcement of REBEL’S RUN:

“I was contacted by an experienced producer.” He added, “Then I got contacted by first one producer then I got contacted by other people. Which puzzled me because we’ve published over a hundred books and nobody from the movie industry or TV industry has ever contacted us.”

Vox adds, “I was very curious about this and finally the smartest of the producers that had contacted me said, ‘Well, you have to understand, nobody in Hollywood reads.’”

He went on to praise the level of talent that is part of the film, “The level of talent that is taking in part in this, whether its with Chuck Dixon being the lead scriptwriter…we’ve got a great script, you can see from the trailer, the director, Scooter, has a really great visual eye. We are going to bring so many very strong elements to the table that I think that people are going to be really surprised at the final result.” He continues, “We are actually aiming for one of the best movie soundtracks. I want a soundtrack that is going to stand up against the Matrix, Mortal Kombat Annihilation…”

The third soundtrack I couldn’t recall during the stream, and which I consider to be a model along with the others, is Cool World. You might also be interested in last night’s Darkstream on the subject, during which I addressed a number of questions that have been raised, such as if Rebel is just another Strong Independent Woman who Knows Kung-fu and Doesn’t Need a Man to Save Her.