He didn’t see color

It’s a pity this experience can’t be readily provided to all the proud white virtue-signalers who virtuously assure us they don’t “see color” and believe race is just a social construct. Perhaps then they would miraculously develop the ability to see the hitherto unseen:

A tourist was savagely beaten, stomped and spit on by a gang of over a dozen youths at the entrance to the Washington Hilton Hotel around 1 a.m. on July 14, according to Washington, D.C. police who released hotel surveillance video showing the brutal unprovoked attack. The Hilton–located about twelve blocks north of the White House at 1919 Connecticut Avenue and T Street, NW–is a key part of official Washington, playing host to presidents, foreign dignitaries, business and political gatherings including the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.

Watch the whole video. Then ask yourself, what sort of sweet reason do you think is going to dissuade that sort of hatred for all white people? And do you really believe your mental gymnastics are going to serve as an adequate defense against it?

Neon Revolt sums up the Devil Mouse

Neon’s latest post borders on the mind-blowing, as he’s figured out the reason for the symbolic connection between the Epstein temple and the Turkish bathhouse upon which its design is based, as well as what General Flynn may have actually been doing inside the Obama and Clinton operations.

Obama sets up biofuel credits in order to “legally” fund human trafficking operations (and other nefarious endeavors).

Washakie sets up their operation to defraud the government with the help of government insiders (a fact attested to by the tip-off they received about the raid), and with foreign help/investment from Turkish businessmen and elites.

Why do they do this? Because they know of what the FLDS group has been doing, and think they can not only replicate it, but surpass it. (There are connections between the Kingston group and FLDS, which are outside the scope of this article).

Lev Derman is the US point of contact/man-on-the-ground for Sezgin Baran Korkmaz.

Korkmaz is aware of all that is going on, and Alptekin must too, since he sits on the board of one of a Kingston-owned investment company. Given Alptekin’s proximity to the Turkish Government, its likely Erdogan knows about all that is going on, as well.

Washakie proceeds to launder minors to Turkey for years, where they are raped, tortured, and executed – most likely.

They get most, if not all of these minors, from their home-grown population of child-bearing women, who pop these babies out with extreme regularity. Because when your founder himself has over 300 children, who is really going to notice or care when one or two “troublemakers” disappears overseas for “mission work” or “rehabilitation” or whatever excuse they use.

The wealth of the Kingston clan explodes, since white children fetch higher prices on the human trafficking markets.

Meanwhile, Korkmaz launders his share of the money from the US Gov’t biofuel credits and trafficking operation through his holding company in Turkey. Some of this money goes to Alptekin. Alptekin hires Flynn to help with the Gulen Issue, since megalomaniacs are always trying to deal with perceived threats to their power.

But really, Flynn knows about the trafficking, and dives in to attempt to root out all this evil.

It’s a long and winding post, but read the whole thing. It’s worth it for all the dots it connects as well as the additional it suggests will eventually be connected. At this point, what do you think the odds are that the Devil Mouse is not somehow involved in this child trafficking, especially given the fact that it runs TWELVE massive operations around the world that are specifically designed to entice children to come within its grasp?

I’d say there is a higher probability that the Patriots miss the playoffs this year.

The truth will set them free

James Kirkpatrick correctly lambasts the Republicans’ self-destructive tendency to cling to immigrant propaganda, Magic Dirt, and Paper Nationalism.

Republicans still don’t know how to talk about race, identity and nation. Which is a problem, because, as an article in Axios recently bragged, “The single biggest threat to Republicans’ long-term viability is demographics”. [The GOP’s demographic decay, by Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen, July 18, 2019]

The repeating pattern: a Republican 1) says something 2) is accused of racial insensitivity 3) immediately grovels and offers concessions. The mostly white Republican base gets demoralized, the Cultural Marxist Left is emboldened, and the Overton Window shifts in the wrong direction.

In a desperate move, Republicans have lately been even trying to use support for Israel as a kind of proxy for white America—a strategy unlikely to work because Jewish organizations never reciprocate.

The solution is simple. But it requires a modicum of courage—one person with influence explicitly defending the right of Americans as Americans to defend their interests. For years, American leaders, including supposed “conservatives,” have been saying that anyone who believes in certain “ideas” is an American. Not surprisingly, current American political leaders are taking this to its logical conclusion and saying that America belongs to everyone in the world—not its citizens. As Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently declared, the country “belongs to everyone.”

But it doesn’t. It belongs to American citizens. And if American citizens can’t stake an exclusive claim to their own country, then they must admit they simply don’t have one anymore.

Remember, US citizen != American citizen of the USA. The latter is a subset of the former. There are many US citizens who are not Americans and there are also more than a few Americans who are not US citizens. Americans are the genetic descendants of the original People of the united States, for whom the Tranquility, the general Welfare and the Blessings of Liberty are to be secured by the US Constitution.

That doesn’t mean that Americans can be the only citizens of the federal state, it simply means that anything and anyone that does not promote the tranquility, welfare, and liberty of Americans, as determined solely by Americans, is anti-American and anti-Constitutional.

Attacking your faith

YouTube bans the keyword “Christian” from its advertising:

When the founder of a Christian veterans group tried to upload a YouTube ad for his organization, he received an odd rejection, informing him the keyword “Christian” was no longer acceptable under the site’s ad targeting policy.

Chad Robichaux, founder of the Mighty Oaks Foundation, a charitable group that helps veterans overcome wartime trauma, took to Twitter with a screenshot detailing his encounter with the tech giant.

Do tell us more about this Judeo-Christianity, devil shills….

I realize this is difficult for a lot of Christian fetishists to accept, but the undeniable fact is that people in the United States have not been attacking everything from Christmas to advertising keywords to the definition of Western civilization for decades because they are atheists, or because they just wish to be left alone, but because they specifically hate and fear Jesus Christ.

The USA has followed the historical pattern observed by Hilaire Belloc nearly 100 years ago with a degree of predictive precision that I would not have even imagined possible. Which suggests that the eventual outcome is all but certain, even if it is not yet imminent.

The Australian dirt is not magic

It’s strange how these two sets of new Australians, who are as Australian as kangaroos and koalas, aren’t hitting it off for some unknown reason:

The anti-extradition protests in Hong Kong have spilled over onto the campus of an Australian university where clashes broke out between pro-Beijing and pro-Hong Kong students.

On Wednesday, dozens of students from Hong Kong staged a sit-in protest outside of a coffee shop on the campus of the University of Queensland, holding up signs which, among other things, called for the university to close its Confucius Institute and “stop taking CCP blood money.”

After about an hour, the protest was interrupted when dozens of Chinese students arrived with speakers blasting the Chinese national anthem and chanting out slogans.

I wonder why Australians are so concerned about Chinese politics these days?

“Snorkel stop”

Is that Disney for “cheese pizza”? Q drops an illuminating note about the Disney Cruise Line:

Afterward, make your way to your second snorkel stop — Little St James Island — where curious fish dart back and forth in the clear blue water, and colorful coral formations nestle next to amazing underwater formations.

It certainly appears to be the case:

Walt Disney VP Sentenced to Prison in Child Sex Abuse Investigation

Former Walt Disney Company executive Michael Laney has been sentenced to 81 months in prison for four counts of first-degree sexual abuse involving a 7-year-old girl. According to WTKR, Laney, who is 73-years-old, “will have to register as a sex offender and pay a $4,000 fine.”

The Devil Mouse may well be the most evil corporation in the world. Disney is Satandom’s PR department.

Satan’s blasphemy laws

There was never any such thing as “freedom of speech”. It was always an anti-Christian charade used as a foundation from which to attack the blasphemy laws. In Christendom, a man was not permitted blaspheme against Jesus Christ. In Satandom, a man is not permitted to blaspheme against, or even criticize, Google.

Hours after Google engineer Greg Coppola  appeared with James O’Keefe in a Project Veritas video, he was put on administrative leave by his company. In the video, Coppola said that he believed that Google News and Google’s search engine algorithms were biased. He also claimed that CEO Sundar Pichai’s testimony to Congress in December 2018 was not “true.”

Google has chastised those employees who have gone against its agenda. In 2017, Google fired engineer James Damore after he wrote a memo about the company’s “ideological echo chamber.” In 2019, Republican engineer Mike Wacker was fired after he complained about the hostile attitude in the corporate culture toward conservatives.

If Coppola is let go, he will be the third public victim of Google’s inherent bias toward conservative engineers. Coppola openly admitted in his interview with O’Keefe that he “liked Trump and liked his policies.” He stated that the search engine relies too much on biased news outlets to feed its users negative news on Trump.

According to Coppola’s GoFundMe, he expects that Google will “probably fire him.” He plans on publishing more on tech in the upcoming months.

This should put an interesting spin on the upcoming Wired article.

Medieval History 101 Episode V

You have heard me talk about how “nation” means a people related by blood, history, language, and religion. But what if a people related by blood, history, and language change their religion? What would induce you to change your ancestral worship for a God you had never heard of until some strangers arrived?

Prof. Rachel Fulton Brown considers these questions on Unauthorized in Medieval History 101 Episode V: “Getting Medieval on the Song of Creation”. The episode study guide is here.

A land without women

It’s always interesting to see the doublethink involved when the lifeless fruit of abortion-on-demand presents feminists with the paradox of women choosing to abort their little girls:

None of the 216 children born across 132 villages in one Indian state over the last three months were girls, authorities have revealed. Officials in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand state have launched a probe over fears parents have been having sex-selective abortions.

India outlawed sex-selective abortion in 1994, but it’s still common practice to terminate female fetuses as they are seen as a financial burden, with families often needing to provide money for costly dowries, despite the fact they were outlawed in 1961.

Baby boys are favoured as they are seen as the main breadwinner and the birth of a son is seen as a cause for celebration and family pride. Ashish Chauhan, Uttarkashi’s district magistrate, said the rate was ‘suspicious and has highlighted female foeticide’ according to the ANI news agency.

Abortion is evil, period. As, of course, is feminism. The problem is there is no rational or practical way to balance both a) legal abortion on demand and b) a ban sex-selective abortions. The only correct solution is to ban all abortion.

Epstein’s fake suicide attempt

The psychopath appears to have been trying to play some sort of get-out-of-jail card:

Jeffrey Epstein has reportedly been rushed to hospital after prison guards found the billionaire financier ‘blue in the face’ and sprawled out on the floor of his New York jail cell.

The 66-year-old, who is being held in custody ahead of his trial for sex trafficking, was said to be semi-conscious with neck injuries when he was found in Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center.

Two sources close to the investigation said that he may have tried to hang himself.

But as prison officials scrambled to establish the cause of Epstein’s injuries, a third source has claimed that his injuries were not serious. They suggested Epstein may be trying to get a transfer to an alternative jail, according to NBC News.

People successfully hang themselves in prison all the time. And psychopaths, are too narcissistic to kill themselves. I don’t buy it for one second. As for the idea that a four-time murderer tried, and failed, to kill him, leaving him semi-conscious, that’s too stupid to even contemplate seriously. Especially given the arms on the ex-cop, who looks like he could easily could rip out Epstein’s spinal column with his bare hands.

The only real question is if Epstein is trying to get to the hospital for some reason or if he is sending a message to someone outside.