The victory of the secret king

A Peterson cultist named Dan Poynton wants me to know that he won another imaginary argument with me. No, make that TWO imaginary arguments!

I interacted with you & your youtube watchers a while back re one of the many Peterson videos you’ve made, which you will have probably forgotten.

I just want you to know that I know what you’re up to. You blocked me from making comments. Apart from this obviously being an admission that you’d lost any argument between us, I also thought it was extremely cowardly. And I admit, with your obvious intelligence and strength of character,  I was really shocked. I mean, why would you block an obviously lesser-IQ individual like myself, who was interacting with both you and your fans with civility and informed/considered posts? Totally unnecessary and I was never expecting such an early admission of defeat on your part.

Anyway, I’ve stopped listening to you recently, because I realise your material is actually quite “evil” (to use your word), and my attraction to it is not a healthy thing. However, I can’t resist anything you put out re JP, because your derangement and anger over this man is first-class entertainment. And I’ve realised that you’ve become so deranged now (re this issue, not with many others, about which I have often enjoyed listening to you) that you’ve almost abandoned logic altogether.

Below is my post, which I presumed only you would see, but perhaps you didn’t:

There is now no doubt: Vox Day is an utter idiot. In his deranged Peterson fury, he’s incapable of even saying anything logical. I’ve enjoyed Vox’s other stuff at times, but the man is just another high-IQed idiot who specialises in fallacious rhetoric (despite his lofty claims to the contrary).

However, I actually believer you CAN’T be so stupid as to not realise this. You’re an intelligent guy, Vox. You’re deliberately misleading your fawning fans with rhetorical – and often completely false – polemic, and this is dishonest and displays your obvious lack of integrity.

You’ll no doubt now block my email address – don’t worry, I don’t care, and it will only be a further admission of your dishonesty and derangement.

I just think it’s funny that he insists I’m the dishonest, angry, deranged one when Jordan Peterson is in rehab for drug addiction barely a year after he claimed he wasn’t taking any medications due to his magic diet.

If I ever run for Emperor of Man, my platform will include mandatory euthanasia for gamma males at the age of 18, with a second round at 25 just in case we missed any of them. I expect I’ll win 100 percent of the female vote with that policy.