Diversity & Comics reviews Alt-Hero Volume One

It’s a fair and detailed review of the six issues collected. I disagree, of course, with the idea that comics must be relentless BIF! – SOCK! – POW! action, as I see no problem with what is described here as “the talking head problem”, or as we novelists refer to it, dialogue and character development. And while I understand that not everyone is interested in current events, I am, and it would be very strange indeed if a fictional battle between globalists and nationalists did not bear some resemblances to the real-world version.

Indeed, as some have noted, the events taking place in the Alt-Hero world have even been observed to have anticipated events taking place in the real one. I also found it interesting that D&C so strongly preferred the US-based story to the Europe-based one, as it’s been my vague impression that a majority of AH fans tend to prefer the latter.

But regardless, I appreciate the review, which is one of the first to look at the entire volume one omnibus.