Never trust the experts

It’s always amusing when midwits attempt to question their intellectual superiors:

The past few posts leave me wondering “where else do Vox and many of his fans entertain absurdly contrarian opinions on topics they demonstrably know next to nothing about?”

If this loser had any idea how much success I have had over the years by flat-out ignoring the advice and the opinions of the subject-matter experts who know vastly more about their subjects than I do, he simply would not believe it. In fact, two of my three biggest failures were the direct result of being overruled by people who knew considerably more and refused to listen to me.

Mere information very seldom overrules genuine intelligence. Remember, nearly all the economic experts will tell you that free trade is good for America and it wasn’t all that long ago when all the nutrition experts told you that not eating meat was the way to lose weight.