What else has NASA lied about?

I have to admit, I’ve never been particularly drawn towards Moon landing skepticism, but the way in which NASA is obviously lying about historical global temperatures is making me increasingly dubious about the notion that they’re telling the truth about anything else:

Retired Principal Scientific Officer (PSO) for the British Government exposes “discrepancies” in NASA’s Global Historical Climate Network (GHCN) which serve to make recent temperatures seem warmer. The “mistakes” point to possible fraud intended to give scientific credence to tax-raising UK and US climate policies.

The unnamed source, now retired from the UK Scientific Civil Service and speaking exclusively to Principia Scientific International (PSI), was so disturbed by the “tampering” of government temperature records that he performed his own verification tests and exposed a shocking anomaly that turns the global warming narrative on its head.

The highly qualified whistleblower reveals that he downloaded the raw station data from NASA/GISS gridded land anomaly products and compared them with the anomalies.

It’s a little ironic that NASA’s attempt to rely upon their scientific credibility to sell a fake science scam is causing more and more people to doubt the reality of its greatest achievement.