Respect should be a given

If you find the comments here to be sub-standard, you really need to read the YouTube comments to put them in perspective:

Owen banned me for saying something was “pretty funny” when I was laughing my ass off in a public library, after being a fan for a year and sharing essentially my life story with him and desperately asking him to buy me a bus ticket from Colorado to Texas. He isn’t a leader, he’s an entertainer, and I’m a free-thinking millennial with a different vernacular, I don’t fit in, and he doesn’t want that kind of responsibility. He used to ban people for saying lol because it looks like a person drowning so I shouldn’t have taken it too personally, but I did. I’m renouncing my American citizenship anyway, this country and its people have done nothing but oppress me and mock me and act like I’m lucky to even be a free man when that’s to be expected. I’m not a criminal. No one needs me. I get it. I just want to be treated like a respectable dishwasher and get off the streets. There’s no reason that I should have such a hard time demanding the smallest amount of respect. Respect shouldn’t have to be earned, it’s called etiquette, and lack of it should certainly lead to loss of respect. Respecting a fellow American, or Bear, or former Bear in this case should be a given, but it isn’t. That’s why I was banned.

To which I responded:

That is so sad and wrong! I will call Owen at once and DEMAND that you be unbanned from his channel at once. I will also ask him to build you a nice little house on his property with his own hands, constructed with wood from trees he has personally cut down, complete with your own goat to provide milk for your morning tea. No, don’t thank me, it’s really the least you deserve! I am so sorry that you had to experience such horror. Thank you for your service.