Alt-Hero on Unz

Paul Kersey reviewed Alt-Hero and Alt-Hero:Q and asked me a few questions concerning them. As I am a big fan of the Unz Review, I made an exception to my usual policy concerning interviews and media:

My advice: if you want a good actioner, forget pozzed Hollywood and the New York publishing houses. Instead, try Vox Day’s Alt-Hero comic book series—an effective antidote to the modern entertainment industry’s anti-white, anti-male egalitarian poison.

Day, whose excellent website is a daily must-read, has just released Alt★Hero Volume One. Give it a read to see what Day and his collaborators are producing. One of them, by the way, is Chuck Dixon, the country’s top comic book writer and the co-creator of Bane. Dixon is writing Alt★Hero: Q.

Even a glance at Alt★Hero Volume One suggests that Marvel President Kevin Fiege won’t consider it for the big screen. Here’s why:

The Global Justice Initiative, led by Captain Europa, is a group of superheroes dedicated to preserving the European Union and stamping out any European patriot or member of Génération Identitaire who attempts to light a fire for sovereignty from this tyrannical regime.

In the best of Volume One’s six issues, The War In Paris, the Global Justice Initiative employs Antifa, the shock troops of the state and ruling-class establishment, in a massive fight against French nationalists near the Eiffel Tower.

During the climactic battle, Captain Europa tells the resistance leader Durand: “You defend what does not exist! They [the refugees] have the same right to be here as you. They are the new France!”

As the battle rages, Durand reminds Captain Europa that France has been occupied before, that the Germans thought they’d won too.

Captain Europa replies: “What is German? Now we are all Europeans and we are the future of all humanity!”

Day, who is a devout Christian, even worked in Lord of the Rings.

“I never sought this,” a resistance leader says to a woman member of the nationalist cause. “I never wanted this” he says while perusing her library … then stopping at LOTR.

“They neither request nor require your assent,” she replies. “And those who have not swords can still die upon them.”

Alt-Hero impressed me so much I asked Vox Day to answer a few questions about the series and his leadership role in the Dissident Right.

Read the whole thing there. I very much doubt my answers to his questions will be a surprise to any of the readers here, but they may help you understand why the mainstream media never ran the various interviews it did with me back when I was still willing to speak to them.

And, as always, I underline the fact that I am not a leader of anything or anyone except the VFM, the Dread Ilk, and the ELoE. And, of course, GamerGate. But then, who isn’t?