A letter to Nick Fuentes

I sent Nick Fuentes the following email this morning.

Dear Nick,

I have been informed that you are willing to debate me so long as the subject is not related to the Holocaust. Very well. I propose a written debate concerning your following assertion:

Americans have to live with multiracialism.

I suggest we limit our entries to 2,500 words each, with no more than three entries apiece. As you will be arguing in the affirmative, I am willing to let you have the first word. I also suggest that we agree either party is permitted to publish the entire debate verbatim.

Please email me your first entry at your earliest convenience. I will post it at my blog without modification or comment.



UPDATE: There are indications that Nick has already run away a second time, despite his professed willingness to debate. Since I cannot attest to the veracity of the report from one of the comments here, we’ll wait and see.

A few superchatters asked Nick about your new debate request last night… he responded that your audience is too small to be worth debating.

If he actually said that – and we don’t know that he did – it doesn’t speak well for his time preferences or his ability to think strategically.

UPDATE: It’s confirmed. Little Nicky runned away. Again.

Save Western Civilization Now says Vox Day wants to challenge you to a written debate on whether a multiracial society is inevitable. Do you think you’re going to accept a written debate with Vox Day?

“No, I don’t think I’m interested in that. I only debate people that are relevant.”

So he considers Ben Shapiru, of all people, to be relevant? I was initially willing to reserve judgement, but now it’s clear that Owen was right about him. What a pathetic little snake. It’s going to be amusing to see young nationalists turn on him with a vengeance once they begin to see through his act.

And let’s not forget his previous comments.

“I don’t want to debate him because it’s too boring, dude, it’s too boring. Everybody would think that would be exciting, but, I can tell you for a fact that there would be no entertainment value in debating somebody as boring and as slow as Vox Day. So the guy’s boring, and he’s irrelevant, you know, who’s watching the Darkstream? If he can pull more than 2000 viewers concurrent watching the Darkstream, maybe I’d consider him worth my time, but, I mean the guy’s a has-been, you could say he never was. You know, this is somebody who’s been floating around on the scene like writing books? And, what does he have to show for it? Infogalactic? A gay comic book? You know, all these like just stupid projects that don’t go anywhere.”

I find it tremendously informative to observe that this little moron actually considers Amazon bestsellers and multiplatinumum-selling games to be less relevant than 2,000 concurrent YouTube viewers. He’s never paid a bill in his life. To say that he’s not ready for prime time is a gargantuan understatement.