A pity conservatives don’t follow suit

PewDiePie is done with Twitter now too:

On Sunday he announced he will be quitting YouTube in 2020.

And a day later, PewDiePie wiped his Twitter account of all its tweets, keeping the profile there only to ‘prevent fake accounts’.

The online sensation, 30, had been using Twitter regularly but unfollowed all of the accounts he once followed.

Good for him. Twitter is a cesspool. And on a not-entirely-unrelated note, the first SG2 invites to Unauthorized Annual members have gone out. The SG1 subscribers will be invited next. Once all the Unauthorized members have been invited, we’ll look at opening it up to everyone who is interested. This is a process that will take several weeks at a minimum, and we want to go step-by-step in order to manage the initial influx, so please be patient.

And yes, Castalia Deluxe members will also be receiving Bronze SG2 subscriptions in due course. Complete with a special book icon for the readers….