Gammas gonna gamma, part 532

Deltora Bear writes to the Kurgan on some social media platform or another:

Hey Kurgan, just letting you know that Owen completely lost the plot. He betrayed his OG bears. ALL of them. The ones that asked logical questions about UnauthorizedTV that is. Even for defending those that questioned. I got banned by him myself for asking why this guy Captain Cutler was banned on sight even though he rarely participated with Owen’s DLive streams. Just go and look yourself and see how he behaved in his latest stream. I’m done with Vox as well because I don’t trust his true intentions but you know more than me about that. I’ve been with you for months and trust that you’re an honest man and will perhaps do right if something’s up.

The Kurgan responds, kurganly:

Why are you telling me?

I’m not Owen’s dad or priest or anything. I don’t really have the time to watch his streams, especially lately, but that aside, I’m not the Internet policeman. If you don’t want to watch Owen anymore then don’t. I’m not clear why you think telling me is required. Ditto Vox and what Vox does.

I am however intrigued about how you don’t trust his TRUE INTENTIONS! You have a magic ball that shows you everyone else’s but not his? And if not… what could his true intentions possibly be? Poison the water supply of Gotham? Expose Jordan Peterson as a drug-addled fraud?

What dastardly evil deed do you think he’s plotting? Global domination? The eradication of Gammas? Pray do tell, I am curious.

I wonder to whom Deltora Bear will go to complain about the Kurgan? It’s becoming abundantly clear that the most grievous sin a man can commit in the eyes of the average Gamma is to fail to take the Gamma as seriously as he takes himself.

The sad thing is that the Gamma never grasps that everyone else, especially all the women, are not only not appalled by the way he has been treated, they are actively applauding his banishment.