Romance strikes back

This is an interesting development, as the Romance Writers of America has rather conspicuously refused to follow the lead of the fully-converged SFWA. Instead of expelling those accused of violating the SJW narrative, the RWA censured, suspended, and banned the accusing SJW:

Discussion: The committee reviewed Suzan Tisdale’s complaint, accusation-by-accusation, and as a whole.  On the specific issues before the committee, the committee has determined several findings, including but limited to the following.  In all instances, the vote of the committee members was unanimous.

Recommendations: Pursuant to the determination that Ms. Milan violated Section 6.1.1 in the PolicyManual, the committee recommends that Ms. Milan:

     a. Be censured by RWA
     b. Be suspended from RWA membership for one year
     c. Receive a lifetime ban on holding any position of leadership on the RWA National Board, or on an RWA Chapter Board

I have to admit, though, being fake-deplatformed by SFWA has served me very well.