The next book

So, here’s a question. It’s not a poll, because who knows what I’ll actually do, but I am interested in knowing what book the readers here would prefer to see published next by me in 2020:

  1. A Sea of Skulls extended edition
  2. The first SSH book, Alpha.
  3. Insert your pet project, which will almost certainly be ignored, here.
  4. Surprise me.

I take no offense at anyone who doubts that (1) will ever happen, because RR etc. I’m just curious to know what people actually think they want. And please keep in mind that what you think is more or less popular is not necessarily so. For example, SJWAL outsold ATOB 3:2 in 2019, while both outsold the much more recently published Jordanetics.

None of this has anything to do with Castalia Deluxe or any of our other projects. It’s just about how I spend my limited writing time. And sometimes Calliope simply doesn’t permit one to proceed in the direction one intends.