24 hours, trolls

I’m giving Davey Crocko, RealOwenBenjamin, ultrafuzzyforeigner, and the rest of the Unauthorized-hating gamma trolls on Reddit and YouTube 24 hours to come clean, declare their real identities, admit their actions, and thereby avoid having the wrath of the VFM and the Legal Legion of Evil crash down upon their heads.

I have never filed a copyright violation before nor had anyone do so on my behalf, but starting next week, the Legal Legion lawyers will begin filing copyright violations against every YouTube attack video that broadcasts content from the Darkstream without permission. And note that I am not only doing this of my own accord, but also at the specific request of some of our technology partners that these individuals have been contacting and with whose contracts they have been attempting to tortiously interfere.

As for those who say this is a waste of time, rest assured that it is not. Lines – serious criminal lines that consist of state and federal laws – have been crossed and we will no longer look the other way. Instead, we intend to utilize the full force of the techniques and tactics that have been developed and refined by the Rabid Puppies, the VFM, and the LLoE.

And since we don’t know precisely who was responsible for exactly which action against us and we can’t easily distinguish the civil tortfeasors from the felonious criminals, we have no choice but to begin systematically rolling them up and forcing them to admit their deeds, beginning with the most obvious culprits.