Mailvox: deal with it, gamma

It’s interesting to see how one gamma troll has belatedly learned that the costs of trolling can come back to bite him years later. I received an email today from someone seeking my assistance to remove his comments from the blog.

I need you to be a friend and remove the comments by “[redacted].” I learned the hard way that employers are very unforgiving regarding comments. But a fall in a pit a gain in one’s wit. I also need you to edit out my name in other comments.

So, as I am always amenable to reasonable requests from readers, I went to find the comments specified with the intention of deleting them. At which point, I discovered that these comments were not run-of-the-mill comments from regular readers, but the usual hectoring and posturing from the sort of individual we no longer permit here.

For example, here is one typical exchange:

Gamma: I am almost unable to offer meaningful assistance to you on a personal level, and you quickly become annoyed with me.

VD: Then shut the hell up and stop trying to offer unsolicited advice. It’s not that hard to avoid annoying people.

Shut. Your. Fucking. Mouth.

That works 99 percent of the time. If no one has asked you for help or assistance, stop trying to give it to them. If no one has asked you about something, stop trying to teach, help, criticize, or otherwise talk to them about it.

Gamma: It is extremely unwise to return vitriol for kindness.

“If you repay good with evil, evil will never leave your house.” (Proverbs 17:13)

Solon:  *Shakes head sadly*

Your reply is ridiculous. Preaching, holier-than-thou, “I know better than you.”

He told you to shut your mouth on his blog. The correct response is to accept your chastisement and learn from it, not go full-Gamma and try to tell him he’s wrong.

Or to use some logic: your response is not “good,” and his response is not “evil.” He didn’t ask for your advice, you outright admitted you had nothing to offer, and when he said “then go fuck yourself,” you responded in butt-hurt indignation. You even tried to use a Bible quote without even having the self-awareness to apply it to yourself.

Shameful. Your advice was not requested, your post was arrogant, condescending, and rude to assume you know shit about VD or why he likes Trump.

Textbook gamma. Vox, I believe you said you were going to start banning Gammas?

So, instead of complying with his request, I replied:

No. You’re no friend and you never were. Deal with it, troll. 

His future non-employers should thank me. No one wants or needs these people in their organizations or in their lives. I’ve given these people chance after chance after chance to no avail. There is absolutely no point in helping them evade the inevitable consequences of their malicious and unnecessary actions.

I deal every single day with people holding me accountable for my words. Don’t come to me looking to help you avoid accountability for yours.