Never going to happen

Not on the god-emperor’s watch:

President Donald Trump has sent a clear message to lawmakers in the Democrat-controlled state of Virginia, warning that he will not allow them to undermine the Second Amendment rights of American citizens while he’s in office. Speaking during an interview with Fox News Wednesday, President Trump warned Democrats that a gun grab “will never happen as long as I’m here.”Virginia’s state Assembly and Senate came under Democratic control following wins in the 2019 elections.

In conjunction with the Democrats who control the state’s executive offices, Dem officials immediately pushed forward with plans to legislatively impose strict gun control measures upon law-abiding gun-owners in the state. Virginians have been rising up in response, and on Monday, tens of thousands of gun owners and Second Amendment supporters marched on the state capitol in Richmond in opposition to the coming gun-control measures.

No wonder the Swamp is desperate to try to get him out of office. But while it’s good to see that so many Virginians are willing to demonstrate and work within the political system to defend their Second Amendment rights, it’s important to remember that if those efforts fail, those guns will have to be used to defend the unalienable rights of their owners.

At some point, sooner or later, the Democrats are going to call what they believe to be a bluff. And that’s when we’ll find out if the Tree of Liberty will survive or not.