Thank you, Corona-chan!

Corona-chan offers yet another powerful argument against globalization, open borders, and the free movement of peoples. Plus, a guide to ensure the good favor of Corona-chan:

  • Don’t worry much if you’re not a boomer – for now.
  • Once it lands in your region, try to minimize contacts with other people. Brush up on your hikikomori skills, they’ll finally come in handy.
  • Obviously no idiot-tier things, like going to restaurants, cafes, concerts. Minimize public transport usage.
  • Try to get a work-from-home arrangement.
  • Be aware that face masks offer minimal protection (and this Corona can spread through the eyes).
  • Keep hands away from face.
  • Do the usual prepper things: Get supplies of grains, meat in bulk for the freezer, water, coffee, etc. Even better, get to an isolated rural retreat, if it’s a realistic option.
  • Make sure any entertainment is strictly thematic:
      • Stephen King’s classic, The Stand.
      • Richard Preston on Corona-chan’s more bloodthirsty but stupider sister, The Hot Zone.
      • Russian cult classic video games Pathologic and the more recent Pathologic 2.
      • Plague Inc. video game.
      • Zombie movies
  • Maintain positive outlook. At least we’ll get a temporary reprieve from cheap Chinese tour groups.
All in all, it strikes me as a good time to get caught up on the writing. Back to Selenoth….

UPDATE: Doesn’t evacuating people from a hot zone tend to violate the primary objective of a quarantine?

The US, which has around 1,000 citizens in the city, is set to evacuate those it knows about – including diplomats – on a 230 seater charter flight tomorrow. 

Why not simply declare those 1,000 citizens to be New Chinese, every bit as Chinese as the other residents of Wuhan, and leave them to bravely face the Mandate of Heaven with their fellow Chinese.