Mailvox: Q objectives

A reader sends a list of 10 objectives that were compiled on December 14, 2018. It is fascinating to observe how much the ground has shifted since then:

Objective #1: Stop the Human Trafficking.
This goal has been underway full speed since day 1. With deadly efficiency, no mercy and special forces. Under the radar and below the public news cycle.

Objective #2: Weaponize MIL-INTEL Against Them. 
This plan has been underway since Inauguration Day. Trump visited CIA HQ on his first full day in office. Obama’s secret pardons require post-2016 crimes.

Objective #3: Remove Rogue Nukes & Comms.
Think North Korea nuke mountain collapse 2017. Think Iran. Syria. Ukraine. Venezuela. Pakistan. Think Subs. Missiles. CERN. EMP & SATCOMs.

Objective #4: Secure Senate & Supreme Court.
McCain. Flake. Corker = no real GOP majority. Kennedy. Roberts = no real conservative court. Senate and SC solved with real majority 11.18.

Objective #5: Form a Trusted Global Alliance
Think fall of Saudi Arabia in Oct 2017. Think Xi. Abe. Moon & Kim in Nov 2017. Think Putin. Brazil. Italy. Mexico, etc… 2018.

Objective #6: Strengthen US Military/Economy
Military completely funded through all of 2019. Tax cuts and low interest puts normies at ease. Caravans. Gangs. Antifa pretext for Martial Law. [Note: Corona-chan will serve much better and has already been implemented in Hungary – VD]

Objective #7: Expose Media & Social Giants
Think advent of QAnon and Trump’s Twitter. Showcase media hypocrisy day after day. Showcase social media censorship daily.

Objective #8: Voter Fraud & Voter ID.
Let “them” repeat crimes in 2018 midterms. Build iron-clad cases with obvious verified fraud. Use fraud evidence as pretext for 2020 voter ID.

Objective #9: Control Financial System.
Force Queen. Macron. May. Merkel to submit. Force alliance to hand over SWIFT encryption keys. Force FED restructure & pardon all intra-gov debt. [Note: again, Corona-chan has proven useful in this regard. – VD]

Objective #10: Remove & Arrest Cabalists.
Pick off 1 or 2 “old guard” each month with “deaths”. Pick off 100-200 “CEO’s” each month with “MeToo”. Pick off 10K-20K “suddenly” when “Storm is Upon Us.”

It’s clear from this review that the Q narrative has provided a considerably more reliable map with which to anticipate future events than the establishment news narrative has. The one thing that is obviously missing is Corona-chan, which has proven to be a much more useful tool than any of those that were previously conceived.

I was asked earlier today about the negativity being expressed by some otherwise reliable individuals whom I respect, and my response was to note that a) they are not Americans, and therefore b) are unfamiliar with how the God-Emperor customarily operates. Their analysis is not necessarily incorrect, it is merely incomplete in that it fails to take into account President Trump’s unparalleled ability to anticipate and ju-jitsu the enemy’s actions.