Blown cover as cover

Ellen Degeneres “jokes” about being in jail at home:

Ellen has been slammed for being tone deaf after cracking a joke that being home all the time during the coronavirus pandemic was akin to being behind bars.

‘This is like being in jail,’ Ellen told her fans during Monday’s show as she sat in a spacious living room with windows opening onto a large plant-filled yard. ‘Mostly because I’ve been wearing the same clothes for 10 days and everyone in here is gay,’ she quipped.

An interesting little quip given the rumors about The Storm. And for those who don’t understand why the confirmed guilty aren’t simply being rounded up and charged, read The Trial of Roger Stone. There is no point in arresting those who will never be charged by corrupt prosecutors, and if charged, will be released by corrupt judges.

We can’t possibly know what’s actually happening now, but we can observe that at least some potentially related arrests are continuing to take place despite the lockdowns.

An Urbana teacher and cross country coach is now facing child pornography charges. Douglas O. Mynatt, 56 of Savoy, was arrested Friday, April 3. Mynatt is employed as a physical education teacher at Urbana’s University High School and is the coach of the girls’ cross country program.