SJW shenanigans at Amazon

Mike Cernovich reports that Amazon has been disappearing his documentary HOAXED from Kindle devices:

Hoaxed Movie has been banned by Amazon. When you try buying Hoaxed on Amazon you get this message:

“Our agreements with the content provider don’t allow purchases of this title at this time.”

That’s spin for Amazon banned the film as Amazon has all rights to sell / distribute it. Others have told me that Amazon has begun removing Hoaxed from the devices of purchasers.

There is an obvious anomaly to be observed here as the film is also being reported as being “too disturbing”. What these sorts of anomalies indicate, in my experience, is that it is almost certainly NOT Amazon policy that is responsible here, but rather, an SJW or two in the relevant department abusing his position to effectively ban the film.

We’ve seen this at least nine different times with Castalia ebooks. It’s the sort of thing I describe in Corporate Cancer.