Beating Gammas for fun and profit

It’s also highly educational, for the observer, if not the subject of The Kurgan’s tender ministrations:

Beating gammas like dead horses can be entertaining if done with a view to educate those they try to fool with their assumed “superior intellect and knowledge”.

More importantly, it teaches people to think clearly and see through their never-changing methods, which can be listed as follows:

  • Conflation – mixing two or more topics together in an erroneous fashion in order to come to some new fake “conclusion” that pushes their narrative.
  • Sophistry – the endless arguing about the exact meaning of a word or phrase with a view to twisting it into some abomination if not its exact opposite. The general conflation of words and meanings to try and produce a new and false narrative that supports their lies.
  • Appeal to false authority – “I have a PhD in physics (or nose picking) therefore my ideas on physics (or nose picking) are correct” – No. No they are not. Correct ideas are correct. Wrong ones are wrong. 
  • Appeal to authority falsely – “Jesus said homosexuality/raping children/sexual slavery by Saracens/whatever perversion suits me personally is just fine” – No. No He did not. Not even hinted it might be ok. And specifically stated the opposite. 
  • False Charity – “Well, we can’t PROVE the man who raped that child to death meant harm. It’s an accident, we must be charitable” – No. Burn him at the stake.
  • Outright lying – This one is hard for normal people to actually believe because the lies can be so outrageous and in your face that it’s hard to believe anyone sane would even say such things. But they range the full gamut and can be subtle but insidious or blatant. And very often are based on the conflations and sophistry they laid down to begin with.
  • Gamma Forever – The general endless arguing without ever settling anything in order to frustrate as well as give the impression that the topic is too complex for normal people to care about or alternatively be able to follow. This activity can’t actually be helped by the gamma. They NEED to get the last word in no matter how obviously and thoroughly they have been shown to be wrong, liars and fakes, so that in their own minds (and nowhere else) they “won” and can continue being the secret king!

He then goes on to apply it to a Roman Catholic defender of “papal” heresy who has been resorting to a respectable amount of the aforementioned shenanigans.

Whenever you’re dealing with someone who keeps resorting to “don’t you think” and “isn’t it really” and other justifications of redefinitions, ask yourself, “is this consistent with letting ‘yes’ be yes and ‘no’ be no” or is it more consistent with “it depends what the meaning of ‘is’ is.” There are times when genuine complexities and gradations simply do not permit clear-cut answers, but words do have definite and distinct meanings nevertheless.