The inevitable divide

How can anyone possibly expect there to be any sort of sustainable, civilized society with regular occurrences such as these?

Atlanta police chief Erika Shields has stepped down after newly released surveillance footage showing the details of the fatal shooting of Rayshard Brooks failed to quell public outrage over ‘unjustified’ use of lethal force.

“I do not believe this was a justified use of deadly force and have called for the immediate termination of the officer,” Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said at a Saturday afternoon press conference, accepting Shields’ resignation.

Meanwhile, newly-release surveillance footage of the incident appears to back claims by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation that Brooks grabbed a taser from an officer and aimed it back at police chasing him, at which point he was shot.

The Atlanta officer who fatally shot black man Rayshard Brooks has been terminated, while his partner has been placed on administrative duty, the city’s police revealed to media.

A CNN camera crew was assaulted and prevented from filming outside a Wendy’s in Atlanta – the scene of the fatal police shooting of Rayshard Brooks. The building was torched by protesters amid a new wave of unrest in the city.

The restaurant employees called the police because they didn’t dare confront a single black man themselves.

Instead of complying with the responding officers, the African violently resisted, stole one officer’s weapon, tried to run, and was shot when he aimed the taser at the officer.

Now the African is dead, the officer is out of work, and the restaurant has been burned to the ground. Everyone would have been much better off if the various parties hadn’t been permitted to interact in the first place?

Unity is not the answer. Unity is the problem.