The precision of science

Now the Moon is 85 million years younger than it was yesterday.

Planetary geophysicists have used a new numerical model to determine that the moon is in fact 85 million years younger than previously thought, having formed from the extremely violent and unlikely collision of two protoplanets.

The boffins at the German Aerospace Center, led by Maxime Maurice, produced a model to more accurately calculate what exactly happened when the protoplanet Theia smashed into a nascent, and still-forming, Earth about 4.425 billion years ago.

Previous estimations had suggested the moon formed around 4.51 billion years ago – that is, about 85 million years earlier. The new model suggests, however, that it was millions of years later when the molten Earth was still in the process of taking shape and covered in a vast ocean of liquid magma, that the collision took place.

Whatever. I’m not going to even pretend to be interested until scientists announce their discovery that dinosaurs landed on the Moon using nuclear fusion technology developed by black scientists during the Jurassic Era 33,000 years ago.