SJWs never learn

A certain Big Bear received this today:

Paola, Jul 15, 2020, 8:07 AM PDT:

Hi Owen,

I’m Paola with Airbnb. We’re reaching out because we have received numerous reports from concerned community members of discriminatory comments left by you in a live stream.

After a full review of the incident, we have decided to remove you from the Airbnb community. This means you can no longer access your account and cannot create a new one.

You are being removed because the language you used violated the Airbnb Nondiscrimination Policy, which can be referenced here:

We consider this decision final.

 These people are just astonishingly stupid. Just as Patreon’s policies didn’t give its Trust & Safety group the powers they thought it did, the Nondiscrimination Policy doesn’t have anything to do with what someone says on a live stream.

If a particular listing contains language contrary to this nondiscrimination policy, the host will be asked to remove the language and affirm his or her understanding and intent to comply with this policy and its underlying principles. Airbnb may also, in its discretion, take steps up to and including suspending the host from the Airbnb platform.

If the host improperly rejects guests on the basis of protected class, or uses language demonstrating that his or her actions were motivated by factors prohibited by this policy, Airbnb will take steps to enforce this policy, up to and including suspending the host from the platform.

It’s the same thing as the “creation” issue on Patreon. These idiots simply don’t understand what their own policies say, or recognize the specific limits on them. I can smell something… it strikes me as familiar… it smells like… like… arbitration!