Last day for Library Book 5

If you’re interested in subscribing to the Castalia Library in time to receive Plutarch’s Lives, Vol. I, today is the last day to do so. You’ll need to subscribe and also make a single catchup payment to be current, and this will ensure that you’re already signed up to receive Plutarch’s Lives, Vol. II, which is sixth book in the Castalia Library series. And if you’re a new subscriber interested in buying additional books, don’t forget to email us and request your subscriber’s discount code.

As you can see, Awake in the Night Land, has been bound, is now shipping, and there are about 35 left in stock for John C. Wright fans or collectors who happened to subscribe after Book 3. It’s a bigger book, both in terms of pages and physical specifications, and it was very good preparation for the larger projects that are The Divine Comedy and the two 750+ page Plutarch monsters.

Book 7 will be our first Signed Edition, Summa Elvetica, and Book 8 will be Politics by Aristotle. We’re considering Heidi by Johanna Spyri for Book 9; feel free to share your opinion in the comments.

We’re still in the process of learning what we’re doing, and we’re making both mistakes and suboptimal judgement calls, but thus far the general consensus seems to be that what we’ve delivered is at the production level of the top 10 percent of the Franklin Library books. We won’t be content until we’ve fully mastered the craft of creating leatherbound books – actually, we probably won’t be content even then – but we are completely committed to creating the best, highest-quality books that it is possible for us to create.

Heroism isn’t pragmatic

But it is absolutely necessary. Heartiste is learning to embrace the conflict:

As a practical matter, I lukewarmishly agree with Zman and others like the fine volk at the former MPC that it’s generally a good idea to steer clear of active engagement with the enemy when the enemy is making a villain of itself and the State is firmly in the camp of the enemy.

If Kyle Rittenhouse were someone I personally knew, I would tell him to stay away from riot zones. It’s begging for trouble, and the State or jmedia won’t be on your side should shit go south. Basically, don’t LARP the hero when the means of narrative translation and judicial activation are in the hands of those who hate you and your kind.

But guess what? Kyle became a hero anyway. If he had listened to my eminently practical, reasonable advice, he would not be a victorious champion and gloried icon for Heritage America today.

That means something. We need our heroes. We need our champions, and our adventurers, and our noble warriors facing off against enormous odds. They inspire us to make heroes of ourselves. Their fortitude under numerically impossible assault shames our apathy and cowardice. I’m not saying to go out armed to face pantifag foot soldiers; I’m saying that the existence of Kyle Rittenhouses will rouse us from indifference and steel our hearts and cement our spines for the war barreling down on us. Kyle’s example makes us all warriors, in our own little ways.

No hero was ever baptised in the tepid waters of pragmatism.

Conflict is the air we breathe. It is the water in which we swim. Most men may never be called upon the way men like William Tell and Kyle Rittenhouse were, but we can all be inspired by their examples to be ready to act decisively in case we are. Because what makes a hero is his willingness to pay the price and be the sacrifice for the cause, if necessary.

Kyle Rittenhouse. Casey Peterson. James D’Amore. James O’Keefe. They are the heroes for the next generation because they didn’t do the sensible thing, they didn’t do the pragmatic thing. Instead they stood up and fought back, each in his own way, against a wicked society that hates them and their kind. They are the genuine heroes of the West who the Shapiros, the Pragers, the Petersons, and all the conservatives who have never conserved anything, are desperately trying to neuter.

Seppuku, NFL-style

“A player, if he chooses, can have the name of a Black person wronged in a confrontation with police emblazoned on the back of his helmet. End zones will have “It Takes All Of Us” on one end line, “End Racism” on the other. Coaches and game officials will be able to wear patches on their cap with the name of a Black victim, or with one of four messages: “It takes all of us,” “Black lives matter,” “End racism,” “Stop hate.” As for the helmets, players can choose either a Black name or one of the four preferred phrases offered: “Stop hate,” “It takes all of us,” “End racism,” “Black lives matter.”
– Peter King

Embracing this social justice cause should totally help with all those soon-to-be-former fans who were infuriated by the league and the teams kowtowing before the anthem kneelers. Or should that be Anthem Kneelers?

“We’re in a different sporting world, and for all those who want people in the NFL to stick to sports, you’re going to have to watch—and listen to—a different game this year.”

They’re going to have to watch? Wanna bet? I can only speak for myself, but I’m out.

Rebel’s Run update

The first draft of the script by The Legend Chuck Dixon and me was completed a few months ago. The production company worked out that it would cost about 6x the planned budget, mostly due to The Legend’s ingenious action scenes that would make Michael Bay’s eyes light up and wish he’d thought of it first. It was also going to be 112 minutes long, which was longer than we wanted.

Nevertheless, the production company was able to the financing approved on the basis of that script, which means that casting and pre-production is expected to start this winter. The script has now been revised down to 90 minutes, and the revised action sequences now fit the budget. Sadly, we will not be destroying any bridges or having supervillains riding tornadoes into trailer parks in the first movie.

It’s all going very well, so well, in fact, that one of the funds working with the production company has already requested two more scripts, one a direct sequel and another set in the same Alt-Hero universe.

Trump supporter killed in Portland

A reminder that they genuinely do want you dead:

A man who was fatally shot after supporters of President Donald Trump clashed with left-wing protesters on the streets of Portland, Oregon, was a supporter of the right-wing group Patriot Prayer, its founder said Sunday.

Joey Gibson, head of the group based in Washington state, told The Associated Press the man who was shot to death Saturday night was a “good friend,” although he did not identify him.

Gibson said he was also in Portland on Saturday night when the Trump supporters clashed with Black Lives Matter protesters downtown. Gibson arrived at the scene of the shooting shortly after it happened and video from the scene showed he was briefly corralled in a nearby gas station by angry protesters.

“I can’t say much right now. All I can do is verify that he was a good friend and a supporter of Patriot Prayer,” Gibson said of the shooting victim in a text exchange. He said he would make a fuller statement later Sunday.

Remember, Kyle Rittenhouse didn’t fire the first shots in Kenosha either.

The first President is next

“Canadians” destroy a statue of their first Prime Minister:

Protesters in Montreal pulled down and defaced a statue of John Macdonald, Canada’s first prime minister, as police stood by, echoing attacks on controversial historical figures in the US. The statue’s head was broken off as it slammed to the ground from its high pedestal on Saturday in Montreal’s Dominion Square. Activists were shielded from view with umbrellas and sheets as they unbolted the statue, which was pulled from behind with a strap around its neck.

Hundreds of protesters had marched to the site to call for defunding the police. They reportedly were organized by the Coalition for BIPOC Liberation, which bills itself as “a collective of social justice groups and community activists led by black and indigenous people.”

Police asked the crowd to disperse on a loudspeaker but didn’t intervene as the statue was destroyed. None of the vandals were arrested.

While law enforcement took a hands-off approach to the toppling, it has drawn condemnation from the city mayor. Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante said that she would rather put controversial monuments “in context” rather than knock statues off their pedestals. She also suggested “adding more monuments that are more representative of the society to which we aspire.”

This is a reminder that there is no place in any civilized society for equality, tolerance, inclusivity, or diversity. Civilization is not compatible with social justice. The Greek cannot, and should not try to, compromise with the barbarian. Nor should he permit the barbarian within the gates.

It is difficult for a regime to last if its constitution is contrary to justice
.- Aristotle, Politics

Social justice is not justice, as the perversion and redefinition of justice, it is contrary to justice. And as Friedrich von Hayek correctly pointed out nearly 50 years ago, and as we have observed of it in recent practice, social justice “can be justified only in those societies in which there is a strict order of preference.”

“It is going to blow”

Fred Reed has finally reached the same conclusion that I did more than two decades ago:

Here we come to the joys of diversity. Cultures can be too different to live together. Whites and blacks have almost no common ground, little common history. Whites trace their history back to well before the ancient Greeks, through Rome, the Renaissance, Europe. Blacks had no part in this and, it seems, have no interest in it. Aristotle? Thomas Jefferson? Einstein? Madame Butterfly? Galois? FORTRAN? These might all have come from some remote galactic civilization.

There is no agreement, anywhere, at any level, over anything. Hardcore conservatives insist that the coronavirus is no worse than the common flu as hospitals report overwhelmed ICUs and epidemiologists cry the alarm. Blue states favor lockdown while red states open up. Libertarians peddle cockamamie conspiracy theories. Mask laws are ignored or fought over. China, South Korea, Singapore shut down, control the virus, go back to work. Not America. Nobody is in charge.

Nothing holds the country together. There is no social glue, no dominant culture. We have no shared history, language, dialect, ethnicity, or religion. Diversity turns the country into rubble.

Diversity? It is the end of America. The country once was overwhelmingly white, European, Anglophone, and Christian. It worked, as approximate monocultures usually do. No longer. The North hates—the word is not too strong—the South and seeks to erase its culture and uniqueness. The Bible Belt is intensely Christian while the northern elites, heavily Jewish, seek to suppress Christianity. The coastal elites hold the central deplorables in contempt. Blacks hate whites. Feminists hate men.

Hispanics float in indeterminate limbo, not having jumped either way. Amerindians maintain a demanding apartness. Jews, neither Christian nor, in the minds of many, neither quite European or quite American, control the media and finance, generating perennial hostility. Bulk lot Somalis, having nothing in common with Minnesota, are in Minnesota. On and on.

It is going to blow.

The more one studies history, the more one understands that societies which violate certain basic principles do not put themselves at risk of collapse, they assure their own collapse. Neither “diversity” nor “equality” are new concepts, to the contrary, they are very old ones that are intrinsically tied to past societal failures.

The only thing that is new and different about the current situation in the United States is its scale. And that is a very sobering thought indeed. Because the only way out is through.

Conspiracy Theory is news minus 4 years

The mainstream media is finally beginning to admit that Pizzagate is real. From The Telegraph:

Paedophiles using cheese and pizza emojis as secret code on social media
28 August 2020

Cheese and pizza emojis are being used as a secret code by paedophiles to communicate on social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter, online safety groups have warned.

Or perhaps no one has informed The Telegraph that an actor was hired to fire a single shot at a computer, which thereby proves that no one has ever abused a child and you’re a dirty, ignorant conspiracy theorist if you think pedos exist, use social media, or communicate with each other in any way.

Fighting corporate cancer

One engineer shows the difference a single employee who is willing to stand up and say “no” can make at even a very large corporation:

There is a civil war erupting at Sandia Labs. A dissident electrical engineer named Casey Peterson emailed all 16,000 employees denouncing critical race theory in the lab and hoping to spark a rebellion against Sandia executives.

On Tuesday, Peterson made a YouTube video “pushing back back on the narrative of modern systemic racism and white privilege.” The video quickly hit 10,000 views within the labs and dozens of Sandia employees contacted Peterson to express support.

Within hours, Sandia executives dispatched a counterintelligence team to lock Peterson out of the network and scrub his communications from internal servers—which, via the Streisand Effect, made the video even more viral and sparked widespread unrest against Sandia executives.

By the afternoon, executives were panicking about the brewing rebellion, placed Peterson on paid administrative leave, and established a “security review board” to “evaluate whether [his] actions have comprised or posed a threat to Sandia computing and security systems.”

Peterson—who took a stand at grave risk to his career—says he is speaking on behalf of all of Sandia employees who are “scared to speak out” because of the lab’s repressive culture. “If I get fired because of this,” Peterson says, “the fight does not end, it only intensifies.”

This is the first explicit rebellion against critical race theory in the federal government—and the coalition is growing. “We need to completely rip [critical race theory] out of Sandia root and stem,” Peterson says. “It is cancer and we need to get it out of the labs right now.”

Notice the panicked overreaction on the part of the executives, all because one single employee was willing to publicly point out that the Diversity and Inclusion propaganda is naked falsehood. Don’t tolerate diversity. Don’t silently accept inclusion. Don’t accept the equality lie.

Silence is not violence, but it is compliance.

Stranger things have happened

A conversation on SocialGalactic:

SG1: Found one of my chickens dead in the coop this morning. They were good when I locked em up last night. No blood/signs of struggle. No idea what happened. Not a ventilation issue. Maybe she fell and broke her neck? Any ideas appreciated

SG2: Did any of your chickens have information that could lead to the arrest of Hilary Clinton?