That’s not a good idea

It’s a GREAT one!

A woman is stirring controversy after calling out her husband’s supposedly “shocking” life decision. The 24-year-old, writing under the username throwra_l8tr asked for help in Reddit’s r/relationship_advice forum. In her post, she shared the extremely unique reason she’s been fighting with her spouse.

The problem? Her husband, who’s 25, has apparently set up an “entire Taco Bell dining booth” in his home office. Many Reddit users found the issue pretty frivolous, but for throwra_l8tr, it’s a serious problem.

“I’m still just absolutely stunned and shocked that anyone, much less my husband, would think it’s a good idea,” she wrote.

She should just be happy that he didn’t arrange for a live-in employee and a microwave to keep him supplied with fresh chilitos and bean-and-cheese burritos on demand. That would take “living the dream” to new heights.