The first President is next

“Canadians” destroy a statue of their first Prime Minister:

Protesters in Montreal pulled down and defaced a statue of John Macdonald, Canada’s first prime minister, as police stood by, echoing attacks on controversial historical figures in the US. The statue’s head was broken off as it slammed to the ground from its high pedestal on Saturday in Montreal’s Dominion Square. Activists were shielded from view with umbrellas and sheets as they unbolted the statue, which was pulled from behind with a strap around its neck.

Hundreds of protesters had marched to the site to call for defunding the police. They reportedly were organized by the Coalition for BIPOC Liberation, which bills itself as “a collective of social justice groups and community activists led by black and indigenous people.”

Police asked the crowd to disperse on a loudspeaker but didn’t intervene as the statue was destroyed. None of the vandals were arrested.

While law enforcement took a hands-off approach to the toppling, it has drawn condemnation from the city mayor. Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante said that she would rather put controversial monuments “in context” rather than knock statues off their pedestals. She also suggested “adding more monuments that are more representative of the society to which we aspire.”

This is a reminder that there is no place in any civilized society for equality, tolerance, inclusivity, or diversity. Civilization is not compatible with social justice. The Greek cannot, and should not try to, compromise with the barbarian. Nor should he permit the barbarian within the gates.

It is difficult for a regime to last if its constitution is contrary to justice
.- Aristotle, Politics

Social justice is not justice, as the perversion and redefinition of justice, it is contrary to justice. And as Friedrich von Hayek correctly pointed out nearly 50 years ago, and as we have observed of it in recent practice, social justice “can be justified only in those societies in which there is a strict order of preference.”