Rebel’s Run update

The first draft of the script by The Legend Chuck Dixon and me was completed a few months ago. The production company worked out that it would cost about 6x the planned budget, mostly due to The Legend’s ingenious action scenes that would make Michael Bay’s eyes light up and wish he’d thought of it first. It was also going to be 112 minutes long, which was longer than we wanted.

Nevertheless, the production company was able to the financing approved on the basis of that script, which means that casting and pre-production is expected to start this winter. The script has now been revised down to 90 minutes, and the revised action sequences now fit the budget. Sadly, we will not be destroying any bridges or having supervillains riding tornadoes into trailer parks in the first movie.

It’s all going very well, so well, in fact, that one of the funds working with the production company has already requested two more scripts, one a direct sequel and another set in the same Alt-Hero universe.