The hypocrisy of BLM

This is why owners should crack down hard on protesting players and league employees. Neither the league employees nor the players actually harbor any genuine respect whatsoever for people expressing their beliefs, if those beliefs happen to be different than their own politically correct propaganda.

Real Salt Lake owner Dell Loy Hansen said he felt “disrespected” by his players after they made the decision to not play against LAFC on Wednesday.

The club opted to sit out Wednesday’s MLS contest in the wake of the Jacob Blake shooting in Kenosha, Wis.

Real Salt Lake and LAFC decided not to play as a show of solidarity with NBA, WNBA and MLB teams who also opted to protest racial injustice.

“All I can say is they supported other issues nationally; they clearly did not support our city or our organization,” Hansen said on Wednesday. “It’s a moment of sadness. It’s like somebody stabbed you and you’re trying to figure out a way to pull the knife out and move forward. That’s what it feels like. The disrespect is profound to me personally.”

Hansen and Real Salt Lake recently brought 40 employees back into the organization following a slate of furloughs in April. But Hansen said that decision may be reversed after Wednesday’s strike.

“We will not be inviting fans back to the stadium in the future, so tomorrow. …I start cutting 40 to 50 jobs again,” Hansen said. “We would not go through the risk of inviting people back to have that kind of an outcome.”

A Thursday report from The Athletic detailed Hansen’s history of racist comments since he took over as Real Salt Lake’s owners. MLS issued another statement in response to this story, announcing its intentions to investigate the matter.

“We are deeply concerned about the allegations made in a report published this evening concerning language used by and the conduct of Dell Loy Hansen. Major League Soccer has zero tolerance for this type of language or conduct and will immediately commence an investigation.”

The MLS Players’ Association released a statement in response to The Athletic’s story, calling Hansen’s remarks “sickening” and demanding Hansen be forced to sell the team if the allegations are substantiated.

We’re supposed to believe that anti-American beliefs are not only acceptable, but laudable, while simply preferring your own kind is justification for violating your property rights.

There is absolutely no place for social justice in any civilized society. Social justice is intrinsically anti-Western. Don’t respect it, don’t compromise with it, and don’t tolerate it.

Even their wealth is fake

The reason all those “rich” people like Bill Gates aren’t leaving any money to their children is because it isn’t theirs.

Steve Bing disinherited his two children Damian Hurley and Kira Kerkorian from his will, as Kerkorian fights for control of his estate that was valued at just $337,000. The multi-millionaire committed suicide aged 55 in June, jumping from his 27th floor apartment in Los Angeles.

Prior to his death, Bing had an estimated net worth of $590 million, according to various reports. While his estate was valued at $337,000 – his properties were not included in that evaluation. Bing also had a trust established in 1983 – which President Clinton’s Foundation was listed as a beneficiary.

The key word being “estimated”. When you take the ticket, the Devil graciously loans you his money, for a little while, and lets you play with it as long as you remain useful to him. But you have to pay it back eventually, and the interest is your soul.

Antifa are hired convicts

Consider criminal backgrounds of the three “victims” who were shot, two of them fatally, after attacking an armed teenager in Kenosha, Wisconsin this week:

  • Joseph Rosenbaum, convicted pedophile. Served 12.5 years for sexual contact with a minor.
  • Gaige Grosskreutz, a convicted burglar who was illegally carrying a gun.
  • Anthony Huber, convicted domestic abuser. Convicted of multiple domestic abuse counts, ADW, battery, false imprisonment, and “strangulation and suffocation”.

The Wisconsin government shouldn’t be charging Kyle Rittenhouse with murder, they should be giving him a medal! And these “protests” are about as genuine as the astroturf in the Superdome. Meanwhile, a commenter at Instapundit makes a very pertinent observation about the Kenosha riots.

Joseph Rosenbaum appears in another video, and I can’t find it now, where he is face to face with armed militia. Rosenbaum is a short guy who goes up against big guys to prove that he, a short guy, is more of a badass than the bigger guy.. You can see it in that other video. But the problem is, the armed militia KEEP BACKING UP. while the protesters keep advancing and closing the distance until the protesters are again face to face with the armed militia. The (apparent) leader of the armed militia keeps grabbing his militiamen and pulling them back from the confrontation. The protesters are not afraid of the militiamen who have guns, because the militiamen have demonstrated that they WILL NOT SHOOT, and will back up. If you are going to a riot with a firearm, and will not shoot, then don’t go armed to a riot. If you are going to a riot to protect property, then don’t back up. If you are not going to fight, then don’t go to the riot.

Carrying a weapon you are afraid to use is worse than no weapon at all. Showing up for a battle you are unwilling to fight is worse than not showing up at all.

UPDATE: It occurs to me if Trump wants to take another five points from Biden, he should issue a Federal pardon to Kyle Rittenhouse, invite him to the White House, and give him a medal.

Devil Mouse debt watch

Or is it death watch?

Based on Walt Disney’s balance sheet as of May 5, 2020, long-term debt is at $42.77 billion and current debt is at $12.68 billion, amounting to $55.45 billion in total debt. Adjusted for $14.34 billion in cash-equivalents, the company’s net debt is at $41.11 billion. Walt Disney has $206.29 billion in total assets, therefore making the debt-ratio 0.27.

The Q3 report as of June 27 has long-term debt at $54.2 billion and current debt at $10.22 billion, amounting to $64.42 billion in total debt. Adjusted for $23.12 billion in cash-equivalents, the net debt is $41.3 billion vs $207.65 billion in total assets.

In other words, while the balance sheet doesn’t show the impact of Corona-chan on the organization yet, Disney is having to borrow a LOT of money in order to keep enough cash on hand to pay its bills. Keep in mind that less than two years ago, the Devil Mouse had $3 billion less total debt than it currently holds in cash.

Devil Mouse seeks corporate chemo

But even if this is true, a corporate rededication to Mammon isn’t going to work, because they’re only attacking the symptoms, not the disease:

According to a source that has been reliable in the past, the sh-t is about to hit the fan at Disney,” says Doomcock. “I am told that getting the SJWs out of Disney is now priority one mandated by the sudden realization that sometimes cliches are cliches for a reason and a new understanding at the highest level that ‘get woke go broke’ is no longer just a slogan. Yes, you heard me right, as incredible as it sounds, my source boldly claims that Disney is now only concerned with one thing: profitability.”

Doomcock continues: “The proclamation is about to be sent out from on high to every corner of the enchanted kingdom: Disney is a for-profit business moving forward and from here on out the customer comes first. The woke party is over because the mouse is awakened with a terrible hangover and it’s a new day at Disney. My source tells me that huge policy changes are about to be made at Disney: Bad-mouthing fans no matter what they say or what side they are on will no longer be tolerated. That goes for everyone that works at Disney. Everyone. Including Brie Larson. Including the LucasFilm story group. And everyone that Kathleen Kennedy ever hired.”

Doomcock goes on to give examples of people at Disney attacking fans including Rian Johnson, Kathleen Kennedy, Brie Larson and Taika Waititi.

“I’ve been told explicitly that even someone like Brie Larson will no longer be able to work at Disney if she takes shots at fans,” says Doomcock. “The slack attitude and tacit support implied by silence that emboldened these woke wonders to highjack a corporate message and subvert corporate profits is no more. The LucasFilm story group will no longer be empowered to humiliate Luke Skywalker to strike a blow against the patriarchy. No more will Nick Fury be humiliated by having a pet cat take out his eye. ‘Get woke go broke’ is a phrase that resonates with Disney now and positive changes are on the way if this leak is true.”

The corporate cancer isn’t about how you treat or regard the fans, not at its core. It’s about what your position is on the Good, the Beautiful, and the True. It’s about your perception of your mission. Amazon is profitable. Apple is profitable. And yet they have planted the seeds of their eventual destruction, because Man does not live by money alone.

UPDATE: A Disney employee doubts the reliable source.

Since the furloughs happened in April, we’ve had 0 discussions about how the company will operate moving forward, what people who have been furloughed can do to get back to work, new efficiencies the company plans to take to stave off the bloodletting, or how we as employees can pivot our skills to be more valuable in the future. We HAVE, however, had many internal meetings about diversity and the need to look beyond traditional leadership strategies.

Translation: nothing changes. The corporate cancer continues to metastasize.

Canceling the NBA

The inmates genuinely believe they are running the asylum:

The entire NBA season is currently at risk of being cancelled, with the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers both reportedly voting to boycott the remainder of the 2019- 2020 season as a way to protest police brutality and racial injustice.

The chaos began Wednesday when the Milwaukee Bucks announced that they would not take to the floor for their afternoon game against Orlando Magic.

The Bucks’ decision forced the NBA to also postpone two other games scheduled for Wednesday evening.

The move threw the season’s playoffs into disarray, and an 8pm players meeting was called to discuss how to move forward.

According to The Athletic reporter Shams Charania, the closed-door talks were extremely tense, with teams unable to find consensus on how to continue with the rest of the season. They lasted for three hours.

The Lakers and Clippers allegedly voted to boycott all remaining games, while most other teams voted to continue.

According to Charania, NBA star Udonis Haslem ‘spoke to the room and essentially asked how the season would continue without the Lakers and Clippers. LeBron James then walked out. The rest of Lakers and Clippers exited behind him.’

One veteran sportscaster told ESPN that the entire basketball season is now ‘in jeopardy’.

This is hilarious. What a brave and stunning move by LeBron James! It certainly couldn’t happen to a nicer league.

If we’re really fortunate, this may inspire the NFL players to shut down their workplace as well, given that the NFL Commissioner Goodell has been kowtowing to the league’s Negros almost as obsequiously as the NBA’s Silver.

Stories For Children

The Forge of Tolkien Episode 5: Stories For Children

Critics from Edmund Wilson (The Nation, 1956)  to Andrew Rissik (The Guardian, 2000) and Richard Eyre (The Guardian, 2004) have described The Lord of the Rings as “essentially a children’s book,” a monument to kitsch and Tolkien’s inability to face the real issues that concern adults in the modern world. 

In this episode, Professor Rachel Fulton Brown contrasts the critics’ insistence that Tolkien was writing for children—or childlike readers—with Tolkien’s own insistence that he was writing for adults, not children at all. What was at stake for Tolkien in writing fairy stories “for children”—and did it have any effect on his “heartfelt loathing” for Disney?

Pedos in the church

We have a very good idea about who a few of them are, thanks to their bizarre denunciations of Q:

The theory has garnered criticism from multiple Christian leaders, including Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Albert Mohler Jr. On an episode of his podcast, “The Briefing,” posted online on Monday, Mohler compared QAnon and conspiracy theories in general to the early church heresy of Gnosticism.

“Gnosticism is the belief that only a few, an elite, a privileged few are able to see, have inside information,” explained Mohler. “The ancient Gnostics believed in one way or another that this particular secret knowledge was the key to salvation or illumination, or whatever would be the promise of this particular information.”

“Christianity has nothing to do with the secret truth. It has everything to do with a public Gospel,” the theologian added. “Christians don’t have secret beliefs we hide from the world. We’re not saved because we have come to some secret knowledge.”

Tyler Huckabee, senior editor at Relevant Magazine, a Christian lifestyle bimonthly, wrote in a piece published earlier this month that QAnon’s claims are “farfetched” and fueled by “confirmation bias.”

Huckabee also considered QAnon “a logical extension of the culture war, providing real plot and vocabulary to the ‘us vs. them’ model that became popular with the rise of the Moral Majority.”

“There are no easy answers about what can be done about QAnon,” he wrote. “But the fact that Christians seem extra open to conspiracies does reveal that something is deeply broken in how people of faith are spreading their worldview.”

“When Christianity is set up as a cultural battle instead of an opportunity to serve, others are seen not as people in need of love but enemies who need to be feared and mistrusted,” Huckabee continued.

Author and pastor Joe Carter denounced QAnon in a column published by The Gospel Coalition in May. Carter, the executive pastor at the McLean Bible Church Arlington campus in Virginia, labeled QAnon a “political cult” and “satanic movement” that “poses [a threat] to the global church.”

These inversion of these subversives makes it very, very clear that whatever god they worship is not the Heavenly Father of Jesus Christ.

THE DIVINE COMEDY Library edition

To the left is the cover for Book 4 of the Castalia Library, THE DIVINE COMEDY, which is based on medieval maps of Dante’s cosmography. The edition is 612 pages and features the 1867 translation of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow as well as illustrations adapted by Tamburn Bindery from woodcuts in the Venetian edition of 1497. We have also included the six Italian-form sonnets that Longfellow, inspired by his translation of Dante’s masterwork, wrote to accompany his translation, the first of which follows:

Oft have I seen at some cathedral door 
A laborer, pausing in the dust and heat, 
Lay down his burden, and with reverent feet 
Enter, and cross himself, and on the floor 
Kneel to repeat his paternoster o’er; 
Far off the noises of the world retreat; 
The loud vociferations of the street 
Become an undistinguishable roar.
So, as I enter here from day to day, 
And leave my burden at this minster gate, 
Kneeling in prayer, and not ashamed to pray, 
The tumult of the time disconsolate 
To inarticulate murmurs dies away, 
While the eternal ages watch and wait.

How strange the sculptures that adorn these towers!
This crowd of statues, in whose folded sleeves
Birds build their nests; while canopied with leaves
Parvis and portal bloom like trellised bowers, 
And the vast minster seems a cross of flowers!
But ^ends and dragons on the gargoyled eaves 
Watch the dead Christ between the living thieves, 
And, underneath, the traitor Judas lowers!
Ah! from what agonies of heart and brain, 
What exultations trampling on despair, 
What tenderness, what tears, what hate of wrong, 
What passionate outcry of a soul in pain, 
Uprose this poem of the earth and air, 
This mediæval miracle of song!

To the right is the cover of the Libraria Castalia edition. It was our goal to distinguish this edition of THE DIVINE COMEDY from both editions published by the Franklin Library as well as the edition published by Easton Press, and the general consensus on SocialGalactic is that we succeeded. If you wish to join our campaign to preserve Western civilization and subscribe to the Castalia Library, you can do so here. The current volume is Plutarch’s THE LIVES OF THE GREEKS AND ROMANS, VOL. I.

In other Library news, we will be offering the remaining copies of THE MISSIONARIES and MEDITATIONS at the retail price of $150 later this week. The Library edition of AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND will be shipping to subscribers next week; the Libraria editions are awaiting the arrival of the goatskins at the bindery and are anticipated to ship the last week of September.

Who needs the police?

If police are not going to shoot the arsonists, looters, and rioters, eventually someone will:

Kenosha Police said early Wednesday morning that two people had been shot and killed and a third injured during protests over the shooting of Jacob Blake; authorities were looking for a man armed with a long gun.

Earlier Wednesday, Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that one victim had been shot in the head and another in the chest late Tuesday, just before midnight. Beth didn’t know where the other person was shot, but video posted on social media showed someone had been shot in the arm.

The incident occurred at about 11:45 p.m. in the area of  63rd Street and Sheridan Road, Kenosha police said.

I saw the video on Twitter. It was a clear-cut case of self-defense, regardless of what side the guy with the rifle is on. He was running away from a pack of armed people chasing him, stumbled and fell down, then shot the three people who caught up to him and attacked him when he was on the ground. Notice that the attacker who was shot in the arm had a pistol on him.

What struck me the most about this is that the BLM rioters appear to genuinely believe that no one is going to use any force against them. That’s why they are blithely ignoring the fact that the police and some of the other people they are attacking are armed. You would think that this incident would help convince them otherwise, but it probably won’t, considering their immediate reaction to shots being fired.

Rioter was just shot in the head tonight in #Kenosha
Rioters helping screamed “call the cops! call the police!”

Decry the violence all you like, signal your virtue to your heart’s content, but this is what a multiracial, multicultural society looks like. It’s little more than a constant, violent struggle for power over everyone else. And remember, the reason they’re so desperate to demonize nationalism is because Nationalists who actually bother to show up and fight usually win.

If the local authorities want to stop the violence, all they have to do is issue an order publicly authorizing the use of lethal force to defend property. The rioters will give up after a few more of them are shot dead and it becomes obvious that those defending their homes and businesses will not face any charges for doing so.