What we need is MORE Holocaustianity!

 Apparently we are supposed to be very alarmed that growing numbers of young people reject Holocaustianity:

A new US survey brought unexpected results as nearly 11 percent of young pollsters believe the Jews were responsible for the Holocaust, amid a wider trend of shocking ignorance about the Nazi genocide. The 50-state survey on Holocaust knowledge among US Millennial and Gen Z was commissioned by the organization “Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.”

The survey consisted of roughly 1,000 nationwide interviews, with participants selected at random, and a further 200 interviews of young adults aged 18 to 39 in each state. Some 63 percent of all respondents did not know that six million Jews were murdered, while 36 percent thought that “two million or fewer Jews” were killed….

The results shocked the organizers, as, for example, roughly 19 percent of New Yorkers surveyed felt the Jews caused the Holocaust; followed by 16 percent in Louisiana, Tennessee, and Montana and 15 percent in Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Nevada and New Mexico.

This is actually much worse news for the Holocaust industry than it looks on the surface. Because, let’s face it, New Yorkers are much, much, much more familiar with Jews than young people in Montana, Minnesota, or Idaho. So, it’s obviously not a question of unfamiliarity with the Holocaust narrative, but rather, disbelief based on experience of those who are relentlessly pushing it. 

Perhaps increasing the number of films and television shows pushing the Holocaustian narrative will help. I think I may have seen one episode of the Big Bang Theory once that didn’t make a reference to the only bad thing that ever happened in history to anyone. Or perhaps a ritual confession could be passed into law, an annual confession made on the date that the Nazi Party passed the Holocaust law, with both criminal and civil penalties for failing to confess your personal culpability for the very baddest thing to ever happen in history to anyone ever.