Whatever shall they do?

It’s very hard not to laugh at the difficulty liberals have with the idea that people genuinely support Donald Trump’s presidency:

Let me start by saying, I get it. I understand the confusion. The anger. The heartbreak.

Someone you thought was a good and kind person has revealed themselves to be… something different. Someone you love has exposed their support for or tolerance of bigotry, hatred, selfishness, narcissism, bullying, racism, sexism, abuse and violence through their support of Trump.

Maybe you found out directly. Or maybe you always had a hunch but were never quite sure. Regardless of the way you find out, the realization is, quite simply, devastating. Horrifying. Confusing. Embarrassing. Maddening. Demoralizing.

I know. I get it. Truly, I do. And sadly, so do plenty of other people.

So here’s the reality you’re – that we’re – currently facing: someone we love is supporting Trump.

So what the hell do we do about it?

As always, I recommend responding to any friend or family member who tests the waters with a dismissive reference to “Trump” or “Drumpf” with “I think you mean the God-Emperor!” Stops them in their tracks and shuts them down every single time. Finish them off with a straightforward declaration of fact: Trump is the greatest U.S. President since Andrew Jackson.

I, for one, certainly don’t have any problem with their solutions.

Let me be very clear, just because someone is family, they do not get the privilege of being in your life. “But they’re family” isn’t a reason to give someone access to your life and jeopardize your wellbeing. What these boundaries look like are different for everyone. For some people, it might mean a shift, but you’re still able to maintain some kind of relationship. For others, it might be cutting them out completely. Believe me, it is not easy at all. It hurts bad when your MAGA-hat wearing cousin calls you all kinds of names on social media. But this is why the unfollow, unfriend, and block buttons were created. You do not need to subject yourself to bullies and toxic relationships just because someone is related to you.

If any friend or relative of mine ever decided to remove the privilege of being in their life and having access to them due to my outspoken support for the greatest U.S. President since Andrew Jackson, I would sincerely thank them. And then I would happily go about living the rest of my life without ever giving the moron another thought. I don’t waste my time on stupid people.