Another gatekeeper

If UATV were growing this fast, even I would be suspicious of me.

I’ve been doing some more information gathering about #rumble as a platform because I couldn’t understand how Rumble went from being a small site in terms of getting 1 million site visits three months ago to getting over 60 million site visits in November, and I discovered that a lot of the same Conservative Inc/GOP establishment people who are on #parler are also on Rumble, and some of them have 500,000-800,000 subs on Rumble.

I can now definitively say that Rumble is the video-sharing site version of Parler. Rumble demands that you hand over your phone number just to be able to upload videos to their site, just like how Parler makes you hand over your phone number just to be able to use their site. Rumble’s biggest channels are members of the Conservative Inc/GOP Establishment and the subscriber accounts on their channels number in the hundreds of thousands, just like on Parler.

Time will tell if Rumble will start censoring Christians, conservatives, and trump supporters who are not part of the Conservative Inc/GOP Establishment/popular content creator crowd like Parler currently does, but so far it seems to me that Rumble is following the same path as Parler, which means that Rumble is probably a controlled opposition site like Parler is.

FFS, if you want free uploads, go to BitChute. This isn’t that hard. Stop being shepherded by the GOPe; they aren’t on your side.